About OnTask

The nimble and versatile workflow solution that helps you work smarter.

Built to Revolutionize the Way You Do Business

OnTask is a web-based workflow automation solution that allows you to make better use of your most valuable resource—your time.

When you put workflows to work for you, you’ll free up your time to concentrate on the most important, strategic aspects of your business. Everything else? Automate it! Think digital forms, project reviews, time off requests, and contract redlining made simple and efficient.

Get the Work Flowing

Innovation by Accusoft

For decades, developers have used Accusoft’s patented technology to add document viewing, forms processing, and other powerful functionality into their applications.

Created to meet Accusoft’s internal need to transform and accelerate processes, OnTask is an innovative workflow solution to solve your business challenges.

Whether you’re solving for tedious approval procedures or contract negotiations, transform your processes and increase productivity with OnTask’s automated workflows and digital document management.

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