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How To Create an Electronic Signature with OnTask

Published: November 18, 2022
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eSignatures for small businesses: a godsend. They’re faster, easier to use, more secure, and save time and money. However, creating electronic signatures can be a major snag—depending on the signature maker software at your disposal.

So how do you do it without getting frustrated? This guide explains how to create an eSignature and make signing business documents hassle-free.

Why eSignatures Over a Paper Signature?

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A few years ago, it was common for companies and their clients to complete business documents with wet signatures. But after the global pandemic hit, businesses switched to electronic document formats and eSignatures to authenticate various transactions.

eSignatures drive value for your employees, customers, and entire organization, thanks to the ease and convenience they provide to all stakeholders in the agreement process.

Plus, eSignatures enjoy federal and statewide protection through the ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) Act of 2000 and the UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions) Act. These and other international acts and legislations make documents drafted and signed online legally enforceable. 

Wondering if eSignatures are worth adding to your workflow? Here are several reasons businesses use digital signatures:

  • Speeds up document completion and boosts employee productivity
  • Authenticates the document and confirms that it’s untampered with
  • Confirms the signer and signee of the document.
  • Proves the document’s origin to both parties
  • Offers better efficiency and security, and holds the same value as wet ink signatures even in a court of law
  • Saves time for all stakeholders (customers and employees across the organization)

How to Create an eSignature

You can use eSignatures in various scenarios, such as to sign NDAs, invoices, sales contracts, timesheets, tax forms, and leases. They’re useful when you need to fill out PDF documents and sign them before completing a transaction or process.

But how do you make an electronic signature and what tools make the document signing process easier and automated?

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to create an electronic signature using OnTask.

Step 1: Select Get Document Signed in the Quick Sign Section

OnTask’s Quick Sign feature is a fast and secure way of signing a document yourself. Or for preparing and sending it for electronic signing by employees in your team or your customers. To start, go to the OnTask dashboard and select Get Document Signed just below the Quick Sign section.

View of document sign

Step 2: Upload the Document You Want to Sign

Next, upload the document you want to sign or others to sign. OnTask allows you to upload up to 10 documents to sign yourself or send for signature, and in different file formats like: DOC, DOCX, JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIF, or TIFF. 

Select the green Upload Document button and select the file from its location or drag and drop the file to upload it.

Tip: You can create an online form with OnTask in minutes and sign or send it along for signing by other employees or clients.

upload document

Once the document upload is completed, select Continue.

Continue screen

Step 3: Select a Signing Option

In the Fill or Sign section, you’ll see two signing options:

  • Sign it Myself: To quickly sign the document yourself and get the finalized document.
  • Send and Sign: To individual signature requests to one or more participants and then get the completed document for record keeping. If you select this option, you’ll need to assign an email address for each signer of the document, and set who should receive the finalized document. You can add signers or recipients using the Add Signer and Add Recipient buttons for up to 10 contacts.

For this guide, we used the Sign it Myself option.

Sign it myself

After selecting an option, select the Sign Now button at the bottom to move to the next step.

Sign now

Step 4: Create a Signature

On the next screen, you’ll find your uploaded document and a menu of options on the right side: Text, Sign, Initials, and Date.

To create your signature, select the Sign option from the menu. 

Sign document view

In the create an eSignature box, you’ll find two icons—one for drawing your signature and another for typing your signature (keyboard icon).

type or draw signature

If you choose to draw your signature, you can scribble it using your touchpad or mouse in the blank box provided. 

Draw signature

Alternatively, you can enter your name as your signature using the type signature icon that resembles a little keyboard. This option provides a variety of fonts you can choose from for your eSignature.

type or sign

Once you create your eSignature, select the Save Signature button.

Save signature

Step 5: Sign Your Document

Your eSignature is ready for use on your business documents. Move it to the signature field in your document.

set signature box

You can resize the signature to fit the allocated space in your document. Once you’re done with the signing stage, select Finish and Download to complete the signing process. 

Finish and download document

See Why Customers Love Creating Electronic Signatures with OnTask

“We’ve really been enjoying using OnTask—it has streamlined many of our processes and saved the entire team a lot of time and steps in getting contracts and forms signed.” — Pat Sanchez, eBridge Inc.

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