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L&L Rewind: New UI and New Features! OnTask’s Big 2022 Updates

Published: June 21, 2022
New UI & New Features- OnTask’s Big 2022 Updates

It’s no secret that the OnTask team is constantly looking for ways to make our product better. Our newest update features a brand new user interface that puts all of our most important features front and center. Our latest lunch & learn, New UI and New Features! OnTask’s Big 2022 Updates, features tips on navigating the new experience, covers our biggest releases over the past year, and more. So if you missed out on the lunch & learn, or just need a refresher, keep reading. Please note that some updates have been made to OnTask since the release of this lunch & learn. This blog has been updated to reflect those changes.


How to Navigate the New User Interface (UI)

First, we gave a quick tour of where you can find everything in the new UI, including organization info, important buttons, and settings. Here’s a quick overview to get you started:


 Leaving Feedback

Knowing how to leave feedback is important. To send us a message, you can simply click the “Provide Feedback” button in the bottom center of the app to let us know what you think. Your input helps us know what could be improved and what new features to add to our production list.


Accessing Settings, Organizations, and More

In the top right corner, you can click on your organization to see a list of options including profile settings, manage organization, switch organization, and log out.


Accessing Overview, Documents, Templates, and Template Library

On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll notice a dark bar. By clicking on the 3 lines in the top left corner you can see where to access your Overview, Documents, Templates, and Template Library. You can also access help and edit your settings using this menu as well.


Taking a Look at the Overview Screen

In the header of the new overview screen, we’ve added 3 buttons that link to our most used features. We’ve also added the ability to see your organization details, workspaces, and members.

New UI dashboard


Quick Sign

This button is helpful when you have a simple document you’d like to get signed. This option allows you to upload, and get signatures from one or two people. If you have a document you send often or will need to reuse, that’s when you’re going to want to use the “Create Reusable Document or Form” button.


Create Reusable Document or Form 

Using this button lets you create a reusable template for the documents and forms you use most often. With these, you can add participants to whom the workflow will be automatically routed each time. It will also ask you to add the workflow to one of your workspaces, which is where you can access your template and use it over and over again.


Build Custom Workflow

Clicking this button takes you to the workflow builder to start from scratch. Here, you can bring your complex workflows and processes to life.


Organization Details

This spot provides a snapshot of your organization. At a glance, you can see your organization standing, number of available professional service hours, how many templates you have in your organization, and a quick button to view your documents.



We’ve updated the name of groups within OnTask to be called workspaces. The workspace section shows all of the workspaces you are a part of and features a search function.



The members section gives you a quick overview of all of the people within your currently selected organization.


Top Feedback

We’ve collected a lot of feedback over the past few months and we’d like to share our most requested features with you. We have implemented some of these, and are currently working through the rest of the items on this list as we continue to enhance the product.

  1. Custom Sections for Overview – Many people have asked for the ability to create custom sections or configure the options for what someone may want to see on that new screen. Some people don’t want to see members or workspaces, and we have it on our list to get these editable spaces created.
  2. Updated Buttons in Overview Section – Users felt like this looked a little bit too much like a marketing image, and didn’t realize the buttons within it were clickable. We’ve recently updated this screen to bring greater visibility to the buttons based on your feedback.
  3. Nested Navigation – When editing a template, trying to get out and back to the main overview screen was a point of confusion for a lot of users. We’ve deployed a solution for this to keep the navigation front and center no matter where you are in the app.


What’s New in 2022?

We’ve added a lot of new features this year on top of the new UI, all based on customer feedback. Some of the most loved features from this year that we want to make sure you know about include:

  1. Radio buttons in viewer
  2. Preview text & font changing abilities in viewer
  3. Ability to add images to webforms


View the lunch & learn recording to see how each of these works.


Lunch & Learn Q & A:

Q: Are you able to custom sort the workspaces in the workspaces list on your dashboard and order them how you want? I might be in 10+ groups, but only 3-4 of them may be frequently accessed.

A: This is a great idea for the custom sections feature we are going to be working on for that part of the dashboard. Part of that workspace section could potentially have an option to favorite frequently used workspaces. We’ve made a note and added that to our engineering list.


Q: When do you plan to do the full release?

A: Our launch date is June 15th. We will be continuing to collect feedback and make changes after that date as well.


Q: When will OnTask provide the ability to generate documents that are .CSV files, not Word documents? The goal is to capture workflow responses in a .CSV file upon workflow completion.

A: This is the first time I’ve heard of that, but I think it could be extremely useful. I will forward this request to our product management and try to get it on our engineering roadmap. Thank you for your question!


Q: If I want to request a feature in OnTask that you don’t have and isn’t related to the UI—how do I do that?

A: We have an OnTask workflow where you can submit feature requests which notify our engineering department. You can submit a feature request here. If you have any templates you’d like to request, we encourage you to let us know as well. Our team is constantly working on expanding our templates and would love to hear your suggestions.


Q: Where can I find my documents? I am having a hard time locating them in the same way that I did in the old version.

A: Sent documents can be accessed by going to the Document tab. This tab shows a list of instances, which you can click on and access document attachments for. Please take a look at minute 26 of the recording to see an example.


If you’d like to see examples and a step-by-step walkthrough of what we’ve discussed above, check out the recording of New UI and New Features! OnTask’s Big 2022 Updates. If you have questions, schedule a demo or reach out for support today.