About OnTask

OnTask is a no-code document automation and eSignature platform that turns your forms and paper processes into efficient and secure digital workflows backed by the 30 year tenure of Accusoft.


The Original Red Folder

Once upon a time, sales contracts at Accusoft were stored in a special red folder that had to be physically delivered to our CEO to be signed. When that time came, everyone involved in the process had to coordinate schedules and set aside valuable time to make sure the folder reached its destination. It was a huge hassle, especially when somebody needed to go on vacation! 

*Cue the nightmare scenario of running through an airport with a red folder to chase down your boss before he leaves*

After converting our contract process into a purely digital automated workflow, we realized that every organization has its own red folder that’s been holding them back. That’s why we developed OnTask to help them ditch their red folders and replace them with smooth digital experiences that help their business operate more efficiently.

The OnTask Mission

At OnTask, our mission is to help organizations automate tedious, manual processes so they can focus on the high value tasks that really matter.

Changing the World, One Workflow at a Time

The average customer saves $43,000 in a year

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Customers save an average of $7.50 per workflow run

Each workflow run saves you 15+ minutes

Over 10,000 organizations created

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What We Value

At OnTask, we strive to create a product that not only preserves people’s sanity and work-life balance, but also the environment. We value helping our customers succeed, giving back to our local community, and doing our part to help businesses reduce their paper footprint. Our purpose is simple—we want to make the world a greener, more stress-free place.

Better Client Relationships

We build strong relationships to provide resources and ongoing support so that you can reach your digital transformation goals.

30 Years in the Biz

We draw on more than 30 years of experience in document processing and automation technology to deliver a secure, customizable platform that empowers organizations to unlock their potential. 

Enhancements Based on Feedback

Our engineers are continuously incorporating feedback into the development process to implement the features and capabilities to meet customers’ needs.

Support from Real Humans

At OnTask, you’re not just a number. Our support team has real humans on it, ready to answer your questions and help you on your journey to automation.

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