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Frequently Asked Questions About OnTask

Looking for answers? We’ve responded to your frequently asked questions. Learn about OnTask’s capabilities, pricing information and more.



  • Yes. OnTask features a legally binding signature feature similar to that of DocuSign.

  • Digital Signatures are only one of OnTask’s features. With OnTask, you can create and manage an entire workflow and put collected signatures to work. But, what sets us apart is that we don’t charge per user and we don’t operate in complicated envelopes.

  • Yes. You can either scan a document onto your computer or upload an existing PDF or Word document to OnTask. Once uploaded, OnTask will automatically scan the document for fields.

  • Your workflows and signable documents can be accessed through a shareable link, QR code, or through emails and SMS texts generated in OnTask as part of your workflow. Links and QR codes can be embedded on your site, shared via email or text, or delivered in anyway that’s easiest for you.

  • Yes. You can set reminders and escalations in OnTask so that your workflow doesn’t get stuck with a single user. See our help article on reminders and escalations to learn how.

  • Yes. You can easily add your company’s branding to all documents, forms, and emails created within OnTask. Read our help article on custom branding to learn how.

  • Workflow progress is available in your OnTask dashboard. Simply click into your workflow to see its progress. See how you can track workflow progress with our help center article.

  • Yes. OnTask allows you to generate a link for your workflow that can be sent by email, text, or any other means your business uses.

  • Yes.  Integrate signatures and workflow into your application using OnTask’s APIs. View API documentation here.
    Contact sales today to discuss pricing based on your expected volume.


Pricing and Plans

  • Contact us today to set up a personalized demo tailored to your business’ needs.

  • No. You can start with a 14-day free trial and upgrade at any time to a paid plan with more advanced features.

  • Our 14-day trials are free, and require no credit card to get started. During your trial, you can build unlimited workflows and access all of OnTask’s features, including eSignatures. We’ll save all of the workflow templates you make for you to access at any time. And if you decide to upgrade, you’ll be able access these even after your free trial.

  • Yes. Sign up for our free trial for full access to the product for 14 days. Once this expires, your account will still be live and allow you to send 5 documents for signature each month.

  • We can typically have you up and running in a day.

  • All pricing plans come with unlimited users, so that you can add as many team members to OnTask as you need.

  • Each time a workflow is started, it is considered one transaction. For example, take an onboarding workflow that includes multiple forms and documents, approval steps, emails and notifications. When an instance of this workflow is started, this is considered a single transaction. Transactions are associated with a single organization, and cannot be split between multiple organizations.

  • Organizations are entities associated with a company that contain both workspaces and members. All pricing plans are associated with a single organization and may contain unlimited users and workspaces. It is not possible to share transactions across multiple organizations. If you need multiple organizations, contact us so we can talk through your needs.

  • Yes. Your subscription will automatically be renewed until you let us know you would like to change your plan or cancel your account.

  • Yes. All monthly plans can be easily upgraded. Contact us to chat about upgrading a yearly plan.

  • Yes. Our monthly plans can be canceled at any time and you will not be charged for the following month. Annual plans may be cancelled and will not renew.

  • No. Participants can fill out forms and provide eSignatures without an OnTask account.

  • No. It is not necessary for all participants to have an account. Notifications will be sent via email and participants can review, assign, or delegate without having an OnTask account. OnTask provides seamless processes for internal or external use.

  • No. Regardless of plan, OnTask users can create as many workflows as necessary to achieve their unique business goals.


Capabilities/Use Case

  • Yes. OnTask can be used to streamline your patient or client check in process. Often, companies will have participants use a tablet or scan a QR code for them to complete on their phones.

  • OnTask easily integrates with thousands of apps and softwares via Zapier connections.



  • Yes. We offer a variety of support channels to all of our users, including a help center, how-to videos, and weekly office hours. You can also email or chat with our support team during normal business hours (8AM – 5PM ET, Monday – Friday). Users with professional service hours can also get scheduled technical phone support.

  • Professional services can be used however you see fit, and can be used for general onboarding, training, consulting, creating custom workflow templates, configuring integrations, and/or advanced document processing. We’re happy to help you build workflows or provide guidance, whatever works best for you. Service hours can be purchased for $200 per hour or in custom packages, contact us for options.


  • Check out our glossary of terms to understand all of the workflow-specific terminology used within the tool. You can always contact us if you still have questions.


Security & Compliance

  • Yes. OnTask is hosted on Amazon Web Services. We have encryption in transit as well as download tokens that expire after two weeks to ensure secure routing and data gathering. OnTask is also HIPAA, FERPA, SOC 2, and CCPA compliant.

  • Yes. OnTask is a HIPAA, FERPA and SOC 2 compliant platform. Covered entities that wish to use OnTask to store information under HIPAA compliance must have at least one OnTask Organization on the Premium Plan and execute a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with OnTask. BAA’s are available upon request.

  • Yes. All signatures obtained through OnTask are legally binding and HIPAA compliant. Each signature received through OnTask comes with an audit trail that allows you to view timestamps and IP addresses associated with all actions on your document.


OnTask API

  • Developers use APIs to make requests of the application they are calling. They receive a response to that API request and have logic to process the response. 

    Webhooks are similar, but they basically skip the request part. So, a webhook allows a developer to say “here’s a URL, send a message to it when ____ happens”. 


    An example of this we can use for OnTask API would be getting a signed document. With an API, the calling application requests the status of the document from OnTask. OnTask responds telling the application “this document hasn’t been signed yet”, and then the application waits and asks again “what about now”. 

    Once the OnTask response indicates that the document has been signed, another API is called to download the document. With a webhook, that same application goes “hey, send the document here once it has been signed” so when the document is signed, OnTask’s webhook automatically sends them the document.

  • APIs are more granular and allow the calling application to poll OnTask and make decisions based on what is returned. One example use of an API that isn’t in a webhook would be to check the status of a document or workflow.

  • Either an API or a webhook.

  • Yes.

  • All API packages include 12,000 transactions. We negotiate a per-transaction price at higher volumes.

  • Yes, you do get the same level of support, as well as 10 hours of services that can be used to help you get up and running quickly with a workflow that can be called via the APIs.

    If you didn’t see your question on this list or need more information about OnTask API, please reach out to us here. Someone from our support team will be happy to answer any of your questions or give you a quick demo if your question is a little more complex.

If you’re still looking for answers, visit our help center or contact us for assistance. We’re happy to help and will get back to you as soon as we can.

HIPAA, FERPA, SOC2 and CCPA Compliant

With industry-leading security standards, OnTask makes it easy to collect and track sensitive information across industries. Our digital signatures are legally binding under the ESIGN Act and include a certificate for a complete electronic audit trail, meaning your data is safe and secure, whether it’s COVID-19 related paperwork or any of the other forms that are vital to your business.

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