Event Task: Link

Event Tasks create the paths that the documents, forms and data can take as our automation engine powers work getting done. 

Link – connect a workflow to a particular path on a branch. When the workflow reaches the link, the workflow will continue with the tasks below the selected connection point. To add a link to your workflow, click Add Task – Event Task – Link. The link will be added to your process and on the right side panel, click SHOW AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS to show you where you can go to in your model. Not all steps in the model can be linked to so if the plus symbol above your step is not active, you cannot create a link to begin that step. If the plus symbol is active, click the plus symbol above your step to connect the branches of your template. The workflow will now begin the step directly below the plus symbol.

If you attempt to link to a step creating a circular reference (link to a link for example) you will see an error message on your right panel and not be able to publish your workflow. This can be corrected and the workflow republished.

Limitations of links

Some steps cannot be re-performed as they are permanent. Examples of steps that cannot be repeated are Fill and Sign steps. These steps produce a PDF with answers burned into the PDF and attempts to repeat this step will write answers over prior answers. For advanced workflow building techniques like going “back” in a workflow to a fill and sign step, OnTask experts can help.