Multiple Choice

Select the choices to give your participants, as well as how the options are chosen (i.e., dropdown, checkbox, radio button).

To add to a webform, select Insert Field on the Form Fields tab and choose Multiple Choice from the choices. In the field settings for the multiple choice field, choose the display type and then select Manage Field Values.

Current Values

Add values quickly and easily by typing in the Add Value placeholder. Edit any existing values by clicking that value and typing in the new value needed. Remove by clicking the X to the right of the value.

 If you have a CSV list already, import the list and the values will be automatically added to your field.

Drag and drop them into the order you’d like or sort alphabetically by clicking ALPHABETIZE.


To assist with managing the lists in bulk, export the current list and make changes in the CSV file. Prior to importing, be sure to clear the list or the two will merge into one large list.

Advanced ability

Each multiple choice option can have records tied to each value. These related data fields will be added to the workflow instance and can be included in later steps. To add in a record, choose a name for the record and a corresponding (linked) value for that record.

Example: The options presented to a participant might be the names of employees. In the record values, the email address and job title for these employees could be added so that they are available on Fill and Sign steps, webforms, or emails. To use these values in the later in the workflow, the record name can be used as a property name to reuse the value as a property value.