Import and Export

Your business processes are replicated as workflow templates. If you build a custom process in one group and want to copy or move it to another group, you can export and import workflow templates. Exported workflows save as a custom file format (extension OTW- On Task Workflow). 

Files are exported from another organization or group by opening in the modeler and selecting the new export icon in the top right corner. 

Any workflow template can be exported. Open in the modeler and select the icon. If the template was built using the modeler you do not have to accept editing in the advanced process builder to export. Simply click the icon to save to an OTW file for later imports. Think about sharing with a friend for their organization!  Read More.

Chat Assistant Added 

Need a few quick tips or tricks setting up your form? Or perhaps you already know you need to integrate to a third party? When you are in the Template assistants or the advanced process builder you will see a Chat icon in the top right corner of OnTask. This chat window does not appear when you are on the dashboard so this is meant for our workflow template builders and not participants in a workflow. Open up the chat and if we are online we would love to help as much as we can. 

Pre-made templates in Template Assistant

You may create your own templates from scratch, but to help you get started more quickly we have built a few to get you started.

  • Build document templates for signatures
  • Build forms for fill and sign
  • Import and export workflows to replicate templates

Zapier integration

OnTask works best when partnering with your CRM or long term document storage solutions. Your OnTask expert can help build an integration or try your own hand at a Zap if supports your other application. 

A Zap is an easy way to allow other applications to send documents and data to an OnTask workflow to get work started. OnTask can also be set to start something in over 2000 other applications so use your imagination on what that could do for you! Some of our customers have used Zapier to track workflows in an excel online spreadsheet or send fields from Hubspot into OnTask to save time on forms. Just imagine it and then go build it! Read more about OnTask and Zapier and top used preconfigured Zaps in our recent blog: OnTask on Zapier

Administrative Power Features Added

To allow your administrator to have more control over their organizations workflows and configure paths for OnTask to get work done automatically.

  • Resend task emails 
  • Reassign steps to cover any participant who is out sick, on paid time off, is no longer employed, etc.
  • Generate a secure link to specific steps for participant on the go via SMS text or Slack
  • Increased access by allowing administrators to assign 20 abilities per participant

Workflow Enhancements

  • Digitally certify documents for legally binding electronic signatures
  • Expiration Timers
  • Expanded abilities to personalize email messages throughout workflow
  • Added Running Workflow Titles which give you better tracking and searching abilities
  • Automated and manual sorting options (see more below)

Automated and Manual Sorting Options

In OnTask, our template assistant uses the placement of a field on a form to set the order a participant will enter fields. 

Your form may have a specific order you need people to follow. If you have to change, open your workflow template in our Advanced Process Builder to set the order using drag and drop functionality in any Fill and Sign step. 

API Version 2

OnTask is a SaaS web-based application that enables anyone to automate the creation, routing, reviews and approvals of documents and forms. OnTask users build reusable workflow templates to define various user based and automated steps in a business process. OnTask allows these templates to be run creating an instance of the workflow template as it existed at time of launch. 

Integration from an application into OnTask will occur at the Group+Workflow Template level. This allows the significant events or triggers to occur in your application to begin a workflow in OnTask. Our version two of our API will allow any application to be programmed to see what fields a workflow template needs to begin and programmatically send those fields to begin a workflow. Combined with webhooks and document export task types, getting data and documents into OnTask and out again has never been easier. Have a look and think about what your team could accomplish!