SMS Text Notifications

Participants in workflows can request that they receive a text message notifications instead of an email and at your discretion OnTask can add text message ability to your workflow. The text message will arrive from an Amazon phone number and contain a link to the participant’s next step in the workflow. Text messages are an add-on option and will be at a per text message charge and charges may be incurred by your participant receiving a text message. Contact us for additional information about this exciting new ability!  

Custom Instance End Pages

When a participant in a workflow reaches the end of all the work they need to do, display a custom page of text to them to let them know what happens next without interrupting the workflow. Participants do not have to interact with this page so we can offer a friendly message and let them close the page or browser. In the Advanced Process Builder, look for a new Event Task type named “Static Page” and add it into your workflow where one participant changes to another. 

OnTask Custom End Screen

Help Center Expansion

With OnTask, anyone can build powerful and flexible workflows without coding. That doesn’t mean it is for everyone so OnTask experts are there to help when needed. For those who want to learn how to build their own processes we have expanded our Getting Started, How To videos, and Advanced Functionality categories to help you. We also have a section for OnTask ready templates to download great sample workflows to help learn more about building powerful processes. 

Coming Soon

Preview a Step

Ability to preview a single step in your process without having to run all steps in a workflow to view the new step in action. 

Schedule a Bulk Launch

Today a CSV file can be imported to launch multiple workflows with information to automatically fill documents and forms; assign to participants. This is a powerful ability for our users; however, if the need is to launch at 4am, this makes for an early start to the day. Soon, OnTask will allow this date and time to be defined so you can schedule and automate this task. 

More Powerful Auditing of Template Edits

Our power users love the ability to change workflow templates without disrupting currently running instances. However, that also means it can be a challenge to look back and recall who made changes and what those changes included. Our new template change tracker will show fields changing, being added, removed and more so you can be confident that OnTask is doing the work it needs to!