This topic outlines which browsers and mobile device configurations that OnTask supports. Supported platforms and versions meet the following conditions:

  • Releases are tested against the platform
  • Support/developers have the reasonable expectation to be able reproduce bugs in the environment

Note: OnTask may run on devices and browsers not listed within this document. However, if you’re running OnTask on an unsupported device or OS/browser version, any defects that you may encounter will only be fixed if they are reproducible on a supported platform.

Mobile Support Criteria

We support mobile devices that meet the following criteria:

  • Support/running the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Running the latest version of iOS or the latest +2 versions back of Android
  • Have a minimum resolution of 720p or “XHDPI” pixel density (see for a list of these devices)

Browser Support Criteria

We support the following browser versions:

  • Chrome: latest release +2 versions back
  • Firefox: latest release +esr (extended service release)
  • Safari: latest major revision
  • Microsoft Edge: latest release +2 versions back