There are many processes that OnTask can be used to help automate and simplify. Submitting an expense report is one of the more commonly used processes for small to mid-size businesses. Below is a brief guide for building an expense report for your mobile and remote workforce. A recorded demonstration is available as well. Watch Here

Step 1: 

Add a webform with the fields you want to collect information. Be sure to include a file upload field to gather receipts. 

  1. Make sure you include a property name for each field. This will make it easier to reference that field in the remainder for the workflow (like in emails etc.)
  2. Make sure that you set the data type of the email field to email (this will allow you to assign the steps throughout the rest of the process).

Step 2: 

Add an email step. The recipient should be the next person you want to review the documents in the expense report approval process (usually a manager). You can utilize the property fields from the webform to customize your email template.

Step 3: 

Add a view file step and a copy of the original submitted webform. This allows you to view the receipts as well as all information submitted in the webform.

  1. To copy the first webform, click on it and on the right hand side, click the drop down and select copy. Then click the plus button below the view file step.
  2. Open the copied webform and change all the fields to read only. No changes are to be made on this form since this step is just an approval step.
  3. Add an approve or decline button to the webform
  4. Make sure you set the “Assigned to” as the Manager email (or whomever you want this to go to based on the fields you put on the webform to route).

Step 4: 

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Next Approver.

  1. You can just copy the webform from Step 3 this time so you don’t have to go in and set all the fields to read only again.
  2. Be sure to set the “Assigned to” to the next person in the process.

Step 5: 

Go back to the decline branch of the Manager Approval webform and add a webform to collect the reason why the expense report is being declined.


Step 6: 

Send an email to the Submitter that lets them know their expense report was declined.

Step 7: 

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the next approver.

Step 8: 

 Add a Complete Workflow Task at the end of each branch to end the workflow.