Note: OnTask and Zapier can now work with Salesforce hand in hand. Salesforce app is no longer supported.




An Export to Salesforce task allows you to export a document to Salesforce as part of your workflow.

Before You Begin

Before you can create an Export to Salesforce task, you need to

  1. Add a Third-Party Integration for Salesforce (only organization owners can do this)
  2. Create a workflow template

Create an Export to Salesforce Task

  1. If there isn’t already a workflow step where the document to export is uploaded or specified, you need to create one. See Create a workflow template and create the user task that corresponds with what you need for your particular workflow.
  2. In the workflow template Designer, click the + above or below an existing step where you want to export the document to Salesforce.
  3. Choose Send & Save, then Export to Salesforce.
  4. In the right panel, you can modify the default task name, Export to Salesforce. It’s a good idea to make your task names descriptive and meaningful to make it easier to distinguish the current workflow step from the others in the Designer.
  5. Click the EDIT button in the Designer, or from the Task Actions dropdown, select EDIT.
  6. Select a connected Salesforce organization (this should have been configured by your organization owner).
  7. Select a document to export by selecting the property you associated with the document in an earlier workflow step.
  8. Select the destination Entity ID.
    where entity is the corresponding Salesforce contract|opportunity|contact|account. Specific casing is not required.
    For example:
  9. Once you’re finished configuring the options, click <.
  10. Finish configuring the steps in your workflow.