This topic provides information about how to customize your organization settings, including changing your organization name, URL, mail settings, as well as colors and logos used in workflows and emails.

Before You Begin

You must be an organization owner to customize your organization. If you are a member of multiple organizations, you can change which organization you are acting upon by selecting the organization name from the organization dropdown on the left, above the navigation panel.

To customize your organization:

  1. Log in to OnTask by visiting
  2. Click Manage in the upper-right portion of your screen.
  3. Verify you are in the Settings section in the side navigation on the left.

Personalize Your Organization Identity

As an organization owner, you can modify the name of your organization, and you can also customize the portion of the URL that is specific to your organization.

  1. In the Organization Identity section, update the Organization Name field and/or update the organization URL by changing the Organization URL field.

Set up an SMTP Configuration

By configuring a custom mail server in OnTask, you can control how your workflow emails are sent to participants, including the ability to set a “from” and “reply to” address.

  1. Go to the Mail Settings section.
  2. Start configuring the server by switching the Send workflow emails from my mail server toggle on.
  3. Fill out the configuration form:
    • Specify the SMTP Server and Port. The server must support TLS (Transport Layer Security).
    • Specify the Username and Password of the SMTP user account. Your login credentials are protected through SSL and encryption.
    • Specify the From address you want to use to display the email address that is sending email messages, and the Reply to address where replies will be sent.
  4. Click CONFIRM SMTP SETTINGS to start using your SMTP Server to send emails.

If for any reason the configured email server fails, emails will be resent through OnTask, and the organization owner will be notified that something went wrong.

To revert to using the OnTask mail server, just switch the toggle to the off position.

Customize Your Workflow Header and Emails

As an organization owner, you can personalize workflows to reflect your company’s branding. This section walks you through how to customize the site header and workflow emails.

To customize organization branding:

  1. Scroll down to the Organization Branding section. The branding area has the following sections:
    • The color selection section: this is where you can select a Site Branding color and Email Branding colors. To change a color, click the expansion arrow to the right of the color and use the color picker or type in a hex value for the color you want to use.
      • In Site Branding, the header accent color defines the color of the stripe under the header.
      • In Email Branding, the email header color defines the background color behind the logo; the email link color is used when emails contain download links or links back to the workflow.
    • The logo upload and preview section: this where you can upload the logos you want to use for your workflow site and emails and you can see what your branding colors and logos will look like in context. You can drag and drop or click the preview area to upload a logo for each category.
      • The Site Branding logo must be a JPEG or PNG file and should ideally around 250 px by 28 px (or keeping that same ratio).
      • The Email Branding logo must be a JPEG or PNG file and should ideally be around 300 px by 200 px (or keeping that same ratio) and have a transparent background.
  2. Click UPDATE BRANDING to apply the branding changes you’ve made.
  3. You can click RESET TO DEFAULT to revert to the original OnTask theme.