If you plan to use a workflow template for multiple workflows (that is, not as a one-time use template), you may want to consider customizing your workflow names so that you can easily identify the status of specific in progress workflow instances. For example, if you have 10 in progress workflows titled “Purchase Order Approval” it will be difficult to differentiate one from the other and view the status of a particular instance quickly. You can ensure that your workflows have names that will make them easier to distinguish by setting up their parameters in the workflow template.

To Customize Your Workflow Names

  1. When you’re creating a new Template (or editing an existing template) in Design mode, click the Settings icon in the upper-right portion of the Designer.
  2. Under the workflow title, you can select/type a combination of properties (select from the dropdown) and text to use for new workflows. There are some standard properties available related to the user profile of the originator (the user who ran the workflow) and the date that the workflow was initiated, as well as any custom properties that are defined in the workflow template.
  3. You can modify this setting after publishing your template, but it will only affect workflows created after this modification (that is, it won’t affect any workflows based on this template that you’ve already run).