We’ve made it to the end of this crazy year. During the month of December we’ve been rolling out a number of bug fixes and system improvements to give you the best product possible as we move into 2021. Continue reading to see what’s new in OnTask this month.

New Secure API for Uploading Documents to OnTask

This new API rollout allows customers to upload documents as part of a workflow. This update is especially beneficial for high-volume customers in need of large numbers of digital signatures and approvals in their workflows.

Improved User Experience for Joining an Organization & Inviting Others to Join

It’s now easier than ever for users to join an organization. New users who create an account from an organization invitation will now be automatically taken to their organization dashboard upon invitation acceptance. These new users will now have a default organization and group automatically created for them as well.

Ability to Easily Update Property Names for Use Throughout a Workflow

This new update comes with improved user experience for workflow builders, eliminating the need to type property names twice. Now, property names will automatically populate with the text that you designate for the field label.
Update Property Names for Use Throughout a Workflow

Additionally, all property names from previous steps of your workflow will now pre-populate into the property name picker, taking the hassle out of hunting down property names and typing them out. Workflow builders can now create quality workflows with greater simplicity, making for a more streamlined experience.

Property Picker pre-populate feature

Customer Issues Resolved

  • Fixed exporting instances when quotes are present in instance title
  • Fixed a bug where deleting advanced options from a multiple choice field would remove incorrect entries 
  • Fixed an issue where publishing a workflow would fail when escalation branches did not contain tasks