There are two different ways that you can download a document that is included as part of a workflow, from a DOWNLOAD button in an email notification, or from the OnTask Dashboard.

Before You Begin

You can only download documents that have download enabled in a view file or an email task in the template Designer.

Email Notification with Download Button

If an email task is configured with a DOWNLOAD button, the email recipient will be able to click the DOWNLOAD button in the email to download the specified document.

Download from the Dashboard

If you are a member of the group that owns a workflow, you can download a document associated with a workflow in the OnTask Dashboard:

  1. Log in to OnTask. If you’re already logged in, make sure you’re on the Dashboard in Manage mode.
  2. In the left sidebar, you’ll see all of the workflows for any groups of which you are a member, as well as any workflows in which you’re a participant.
  3. Click the workflow to select it.
  4. In the list of IN PROGRESS workflow instances, click the workflow instance associated with the document you want to download.
  5. This will open the right panel that displays information about that workflow instance.
  6. Click the paperclip icon to view downloadable documents.
  7. Select the document you want to download.