An Edit Document task allows you to upload an OpenOffice XML Document (file extension .docx) that you and other workflow participants can review, suggest changes, or edit during a running workflow. For example, you could use a contract template and edit content before sending it to a client to review and approve.

Before You Begin

Before you can create an edit document task, you need to create a workflow template.

Create an Edit Document Task

      1. In the workflow template Designer, click Insert First Task or click the + above or below an existing step.
      2. Choose Edit Document.
      3. In the right panel, you can modify the default task name, Edit Document. It’s a good idea to make your task names descriptive and meaningful to make it easier to distinguish the current workflow step from the others in the Designer.
      4. From the Assigned to dropdown, select the task assignee. The workflow originator (the person who ran the workflow) will be available for selection, and in addition, there may be other participants available if they’ve been invited to the workflow or referenced as a property.
      5. Click the EDIT button in the Designer, or from the Task Actions dropdown, select EDIT.
      6. Name your document.
      7. Upload the OpenOffice XML document (docx extension).
      8. You can optionally add user instructions by clicking the Edit button in the Information section. In a running workflow, users will see the instructions in a collapsible panel on the left side of the document.
      9. Set the permissions level on the document to Edit, Suggest, or View to control the access that the assignee will have to the document.
      10. By default, there’s one Action Button to allow the edited document to progress through the workflow. You can add more buttons if needed by clicking ADD BUTTON. You can also enable dynamic buttons, which will change the button label and create a separate workflow path if the user edits, suggests changes, or makes comments on the document.
      11. Once you’re finished configuring the text and options, click <.