When getting a form or document completed and signed does not hold the same urgency by the intended participants, add some Group Administrator overrides to the workflow. These overrides will allow the group administrators to get the participants back on track by resending a link, reassigning the task to a more suitable participant and more.  Simply select an instance on the dashboard and choose an admin function from the right side panel.

By default, all task types added within a workflow will automatically receive the Group Administrator Override of Generate Task Link. This override will allow the Group Admin to obtain a direct link that can easily be emailed, shared, or sent via text to a participant to access the task step.  To access, Group Admins simply select an instance on the dashboard and choose the admin function from the right side panel.  An important item to note is that anyone with this link can complete this action so it should not be shared publicly.The other two types of Group Administrator Overrides are:
  1. Administrator enabled
  2. Custom added by your OnTask expert

Administrator enabled overrides

Task Reminder- this is an automated override and can be set to remind the assigned participant by email that there is a task waiting for completion. Choose between sending a single reminder email or repeated emails until the task is complete. How often to send an email can be set in months, days, and hours.

Escalation Reminder- this is an automated and participant driven override that allows for emails or other user facing tasks to be triggered if the original task remains incomplete. Often used to email the Group Administrator that a workflow is not progressing and it may be time to step in.

Reassign Task- This group administrator override is added by OnTask during the template assistant process. This will allow the administrators to change the email address a task is currently assigned to in case of situations like vacations, terminations, et cetera where the original participant cannot or will not be performing the task.

Resend Email- will send a duplicate email to the first email sent to the participant.

Expiration- expires the workflow on a specific date or time after workflow has been started.

Overrides available through your OnTask Expert

Custom Override Examples

  • Cancel a Workflow with a note
  • Send document back to a previous participant with a note
  • Manually Escalate to Senior Management for high priority