OnTask allows for very customized workflow templates making sure you can do business your way!

When using the template assistants or building your own workflow template from scratch, it might not be straight forward to see how to show more than one document to your participants for completion and signing.

Template Assistant modifications for more forms or documents

Select the workflow template you wish to add more documents to. Choose edit in the options menu and scroll to the bottom of the edit screen. There is an option there to click ‘OPEN IN ADVANCED MODELER’

You will be advised you are beginning a more advanced way of using OnTask so just select ‘I UNDERSTAND, LET ME EDIT THE MODEL’

The Advanced process builder is a powerful and easy way to see what happens first, then second in our workflows. At first glance it may be intimidating but it is simpler than it looks. Click ‘Collapse All Branches’ at the top of the model.

By collapsing the model we see that OnTask shows us a start form to collect emails, then sends an email, and the signer step is named based on the role chosen in the assistant process. The step is assigned to the email address for the participant to fill a form or sign a document. The pencil icon on the step lets us know this is a participant signing step.

To add a second document, we can add another fill and sign step right before or following the signer step. This step must be assigned to the same email address as the original¬† Fill and Sign Step. If added before, the documents will display in the order the steps are shown in the workflow template. If adding it after the existing document the branch to the furthest left is regularly the positive path the workflow follows so expand the double arrow to show the next steps and select the plus. By default this should be a branch in the template labelled ‘continue’. Select the plus and add in the new Fill and Sign step.

For Advanced Features, Try Copy

Alternatively, we can also copy an earlier step like the first Fill and Sign step and add in this position, that will copy over all the buttons and options the first Fill and Sign step had. Editing the step will allow for the original document to be removed and the new document uploaded. Be sure to update the name of the document to a new name and modify the fields as needed.

The workflow template will need all branches designed and built for what happens next so either continue copying steps or add in new ones if you prefer.