Copy workflow templates

Our workflow menu has been growing and our latest addition is the ability to copy a workflow template to the same or a different group within your organization. Cloning a workflow is ideal when you have the same business process, but a different form or just need a few minor changes to make it fit a new situation. Clone and then edit as needed to save time!


Import a CSV file to begin multiple instances of a workflow

Whether it is a list of students, employees or an entire soccer team, sometimes you want a spreadsheet of emails and other data to kick off a workflow for each person.  

To begin multiple instances, choose Run Multiple Workflows from the RUN option in the OnTask dashboard. You will need a CSV (spreadsheet) of values for each field on your starting webform. Do not include instructions or file uploads on your starting webform, just fields like the email address. To help prepare the CSV file, once the webform is finished you can click “Download a sample” to download a formatted CSV file where you can cut and paste your data into the sheet. If this option is used, field mapping has been automated for you. If you do not, you can map each field in your spreadsheet to the webform field. Once ready, begin many workflows with one step.

Import a list of values for a drop down list in webforms

Giving your participants a drop down list to choose from can save time and ensure they pick the right option. Workflow builders can now import a CSV of values for the drop down. Users will also be able to add, remove, sort these drop downs easily so maintaining a list of products or email addresses will be easier than ever before. This feature also has an advanced trick of being able to display one value to a participant but set many values behind the scenes for the workflow, so this can be used for things like picking a product and having that set a price and other data automatically for the forms. 

Coming Soon

Custom Instance End Pages

Customizable Workflow ‘end pages’ to show to participants information you want once all of their tasks are completed or the workflow is complete. 

Text Messaging Alerts

Soon, participants can request that they receive a text message instead of an email and at your discretion you can have us add in the text message ability to your workflow. Text messages will be at a per text message charge and charges may be incurred by your participant receiving a text message. Contact us for additional information about this exciting new ability and whether it is right for you.