Participant Related Changes

Less OnTask Branding for Participants

Helping you help your customers is a top priority. Based on feedback from our community, OnTask needed a little less branding to display to your participants in workflows. Terms of service have now been hidden on webforms and in July we will add more abilities to make these screens more yours, less ours! 

Updated Help Options

Speaking of helping you help others; we have removed the generic OnTask help icon from the top right corner of the participant screens and added a life preserver! 

When a participant needs help, it is probably about the workflow and not the platform so we will now allow your participants to send you a message and we will email you the name of the workflow they were on and all the details you need to help them out or contact us if you need something to be looked at! 

Updates to supported browsers

We have fixed various iPhone navigation issues and Internet Explorer users will now be advised that they need to switch to a supported browser. 

Advanced Process Builder Enhancements

Input Masks

Fill and Sign tasks have a few new abilities to point out. Text fields can now have formats applied to the information entered. Sometimes using a date field that displays a calendar is the ideal, sometimes it is a text field with a date mask on it. Decide or try out both and see which ones your participants prefer! 

Close Field Settings

We’ve updated the back button to a more noticeable button at the bottom of the left side panel, click to close the side panel and return to the task. 

Return to Workflow Model

In the top left, Return to Workflow List has been replaced with Return to Workflow Model when in the detail view of a task. When at the model, it will still say return to workflow list so going back and forth during design should be better.  

Simple Checkbox

A new field type has been added to our web forms. Simple Checkbox is the same field type as the checkbox field in the Fill and Sign task type. 

This will improve integration between other applications and the forms you need participants to sign by sending the checked/unchecked values to start forms or having this field answered and sending that to show on a form. 

Share Workflow Links

In the dashboard, the menu for each workflow template now has an option to share workflow. 

When this option is selected, the URL can be copied to the clipboard and sent to anyone who wants to start the workflow. 

In addition, we will generate a QR code of this same URL that can be used to launch from mobile devices. While some devices may require a QR code reader, many others use the regular camera and will allow your participants to begin the workflow. 

Zapier Events

A new task type, Zapier Event has been added to the Advanced Process Builder. When the workflow template reaches a Zapier Event, property names added to this step will be sent to a “Zap” and can be used to send documents and forms to many other applications. 

To add to your workflow, you add a single Zapier event per template. On the right side, click ADD PROPERTY and add the property name of documents or other document related fields. 

In Zapier, choose “When a Zapier Event is Reached in the Workflow” and create a Zap. Once the Zap is ready and turned on, when the Ontask workflow is run the documents and fields will be sent to the Zap and on to where you need that document!

Docx Templating Enhancements

OnTask enables the creation of documents by using text replacements. OnTask looks for fields with the following format {%fieldname%} and will replace those placeholders with data. We’ve released the ability to replace formatted data so your OnTask expert or professional services representative can help build a workflow to build documents and get them ready for review or signing. 

Coming Soon

Copy Template

Ability to copy a workflow template to the same or a different group within the organization. Although today export and import will get the job done, we’d like to guide people on how to get the template to where it needs to be and then allow it to be changed so custom versions of workflows can be rolled out easily to different buildings or locations. 

Custom Instance End Pages

Customizable Workflow ‘end pages’ to show to participants once all of their tasks are completed or the workflow is complete. 

Schedule multiple instances of a workflow to begin

While we can schedule workflows to begin using external integrations today, so many of our customers are starting workflows every morning for all of their employees or all of their participants that this looks important to support right in our platform. This will allow us to also notify if something is not right. So look for the ability to pick a day of the week or a specific date to begin workflows for a list of email addresses! 

Import a list of values for a drop down list in your webforms

Whether it is a list of email addresses, coach names, or product SKUs, sometimes being able to import a CSV of values for the webform could be a huge time saver! Look for an easy way to manage these drop down lists outside of the platform coming soon to the OnTask platform.