OnTask is now HIPAA Compliant

Your documents and data have always been safe with OnTask and with some recent enhancements like tracking login attempts and archiving some technology, we are proud to announce that OnTask and our staff are ready for your participant’s health and personal information.

Save and Come Back Later

Participants working with very large forms, collecting required information or documentation or that might lose internet connectivity will be relieved to hear we now auto-save fields entered. This is very good news for large or complex forms where the participants may need to come back later to finish once they have all their information organized and ready. 

To utilize this new ability, participants do not need to perform any actions. They can click the link to the form, partially complete, close, and come back to complete later using that same link. 

Ability to Add Links within a Workflow Template

OnTask workflow templates now support Administrators adding the task link to workflow templates. This permits jumping to a different step in the workflow template. We can now use this to go back in a workflow template or skip ahead, even merge back into alternative paths. The step that the participant is taken to can now be performed again! This is a powerful tool; however, it has limitations. For example, redoing a PDF form would not mean editing since the final step of the fill and sign steps is to create a PDF with all of the answers captured as part of that PDF. Work with your OnTask expert or OnTask support team for best use of this powerful new tool. 

Exclusive Branching Enhancements

Our Workflow templates can branch business processes based on participant input. We have extended this functionality with new options such as greater than, less than or equal to. This will enable things like routing a form for over a certain dollar amount differently than say, less than $5,000. Great for capital asset request forms, expense report approvals and more! 

Fill and Sign Date Fields Enhanced

Our date fields on our forms were great for most use cases, but for birthdays they were a struggle. We changed our calendar to offer a drop down list for year.

Enhanced date selection controls

OnTask had these controls in our Template Assistants and they proved to be so popular customers asked for it to be in the Fill and Sign Task type. Date fields can now be automatically completed by OnTask with the date the document was signed or calculate a future date to support things like due dates.

Advanced Process Builder Supports Roles Created From Template Assistant

OnTask’s template assistants allowed for the creation of up to 6 roles for a workflow template. When OnTask administrators chose to edit their workflow templates in our Advanced Process Builder, adding fields to each role was a challenge. Now, each fill and sign step is optimized for the assigned role and fields can be added, removed, changed as needed for your custom process. 

New in app purchase options 

Choose to pay per month or one time per year in the Billing section of OnTask. As an organization owner, use your credit card in a secure purchase process and upgrade at any time.