When you receive an email from Ontask you are now a participant in a guided process to filling out a form or electronically signing a document.

Our customers can add in their own logos so your email may look a little different that this but this should give you an idea of what to look out for!

A few helpful hints:

  1. A laptop or tablet might be easier than a smart phone- some forms are lengthy.
  2. The email you received has a button that can be clicked to open a browser to do work, make sure it is Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Firefox.
  3. If you didn’t receive an email but are expecting it, check your spam folder or ask the person you are working with if they can text or email you a direct link since your inbox may not be accepting the Ontask emails.
  4. When filling out a form, you can stop and come back later to finish. Just click the same button or link you did the first time and you can pick up right where you left off.
  5. If you are signing, you can click apply to document or remove, draw your signature or type. OnTask saves your signature to make future signing really simple!
  6. On the right hand side of Ontask, you can click each field to make sure you complete all required fields and at the bottom of that list we will show you how many there is left to go!

For more about Ontask, please visit and watch some helpful videos!