During the month of November, we’ve been focusing our efforts on increasing product stability and making core product enhancements. Continue reading to see what improvements and new product features are available to you.

Multiple Conditions Now Supported in Logic Branches

This new feature allows users to create more powerful, cleaner logic branches within a workflow. In place of creating multiple branches, users can now produce a single branch that houses multiple conditions. These conditions operate on and/or statements to move your workflow down the correct path.  

See a quick demo on how this works:

Multiple Conditions Now Supported in Logic Branches

Added Functionality to Set Default Values for Webform Fields

Users building workflows now have the ability to set default values for web form fields, including email, number, text fields and more. For example, you can set your webform to pre-fill the office manager’s email and phone number to save participants time.

Addition of New Task Action Buttons in the Advanced Process Builder

This update makes it easier for users to choose common actions for tasks. Instead of having to click the small pencil icon, you can now easily edit, copy and delete tasks within a workflow from the Advanced Process Builder’s side panel.

Multiple Line Text Fields Are Now Scrollable

Read-only text fields come in handy when an approver needs to make comments or notes on a certain document included within a workflow. The latest update has made it possible to scroll through long, multi-level text fields for full comment visibility. 

Customer Issues Resolved

  • Fixed problem occurring during the upload of HEIC/HEIF format files