1. Log in to OnTask.
  2. To navigate to the Dashboard, click the dashboard icon in the top right corner


What is my Dashboard?

Your dashboard displays the instances of each workflow template that you are running or have completed. Your dashboard displays the organization you are currently accessing (top left drop down list) or click Participant Workflows to see the workflow instances that you have been involved in but do not own.

In your dashboard, on the left side will be the groups and the Workflow Templates in those groups. For more on Groups, click here.

Click a template to show the instances of the automated process that are in progress, completed and cancelled. For information on workflow templates, click here.

To view files, fields or statuses of a specific instance, click the instance card and choose the action in the right hand side panel you wish to perform.

History Tab

Click on the instance of the workflow you want to view history for. All user tasks completed so far will be listed with details of the user, date, and time the task was completed. Milestones added in the advanced process modeler will display and can be used to track automated tasks such as webhooks.


Fields on Webforms and Fill & Sign steps can be given property names which will capture this data for exports in webhooks, CSV files and more. To read the values in these fields, view the Properties tab for each instance of the workflow


Documents uploaded or created during an instance of the workflow can be downloaded or viewed in your dashboard