Property Visibility and Property Names enables data collection and transfer of data. The property name is a behind-the-scenes representation of an OnTask field.

Workflow Template Library

Fields add to documents and forms display an Advanced Options button. By default, all fields on a document are hidden in the dashboard in the ‘Properties’ tab and ‘Export Workflows’ will not export the information. To display information in the dashboard and export click to ‘Show this field and its value in workflow data views’.


Advanced Process Builder

Property Names in the Advanced Process Builder are a powerful automation feature. Give each field a unique property name so the information entered can be used to automate emails, forms and more. Changing a property name that is referenced in a workflow template will prevent the template from being published or run successfully.

  • Email – Set email fields to required and enter a property name.  The property name is used in the “Assigned to” for steps in our ‘Advanced modeler’ and email steps allow the property name to be entered in the To, C.C., B.C.C and subject lines of the email template.
  • Web Form – Give Form Fields a property name by clicking the lock icon, then type a name for the property name. The property names can be used in later Email or Fill& Sign steps to personalize or pre-fill fields with information entered by a participant in a running workflow
  • Fill & Sign-  Enter a property name for each form field to make the field visible in the dashboard and available to later tasks. Using the same property name from a previous web form will pre-fill the information for participants.
  • Webhook – fields with a property name will be exported by this task for use in other systems