Each time a workflow template is run, OnTask creates an instance of that workflow and creates a ‘card’ in our dashboard showing a few details about that workflow. A critical item displayed in the dashboard for each instance is the Workflow Title.

To setup the workflow title, select the model on the dashboard and edit.

Select Workflow Model Settings (gear/wheel icon) in top right corner.

On the Workflow Title line begin typing the name of fields from the starting web form and you can select from the list that will appear. When the property name is highlighted in green it will use the value entered or imported into that field when the workflow is run. This assembles great workflow instance titles using data from the start form and allows for the search on the dashboard to locate the instances that match the search term.

Some extra calculated fields are also available:

  • Current Day
  • Current Date
  • Current Month
  • Current Year

For example, if completed workflows will need to be found by finding all the instances that were run for May, 2021- adding Current Month into the title will permit the list of instances to be filtered and then exported to csv.