Preview Changes

To give admins building workflows better visibility into the changes they are publishing, OnTask now tracks and displays all changes pending to workflows since the last version was published. 

Generate Dynamic Documents 

Dynamic documents generated in a workflow can now be used in subsequent steps. Create a template of a document that is used repeatedly, generate an instance of that document with data for that client and then use that document in later steps of the workflow for review/approval or to collect other data and signatures. Watch the short demo below to see how it works.


Support Multi-Language Web Forms

Because of the character encoding that was used previously, web forms could only be designed using the English language. We have made enhancements to the coding that allows OnTask to support all languages and charachters in web forms.

Combined Documents (Beta) 

OnTask now has the ability to combine documents based on conditional logic. Prefill metadata on start forms via the API. OnTask’s APIs have been extended to allow the calling application to pass over data to prefill start forms on workflows. (Examples: employee packets based on the position being hired, lease agreements with addendum for certain types of clients)

You can use this feature now, but if you are interested in seeing a proof of concept for how your organization would use combined documents, contact us today and we would be happy to show you.

Customer Issues Resolved

  • Addressed customer reported issues including issues with the document viewer in iOS 14.
  • Fix for conditional logic comparisons on currency fields.
  • Shortened URL for workflow start forms (e.g.{WORKFLOWID})