Using Static Content

Your workflow can display customized pages to your participants when one or more tasks have been assigned and completed by the same role.  Inserting a Static Content event in your workflow allows you to defined what will display on those pages as an informational guide and will have no actions required on the displayed page. The workflow will automatically continue on to the tasks assigned to different roles (email or phone) after the Static Content.

Example: “Thank you for completing this form for our company. You may now close this window.”

To add static content to display to a participant:
  • In the advanced process builder, select the plus after the series of tasks assigned to the participant you wish to display a message to
  • Select Event Task and then Static Content
  • Click to edit and on the right side select the Edit button to set custom text
  • Enter the text to display to the participant and close the editor once complete
Note: If the Static Content is not the last task in the series it will display at an unexpected place in the workflow.