OnTask pricing is available to be viewed on our site: ontask.io/pricing

To purchase a subscription to OnTask you must be the organization owner. As the organization owner, on the dashboard click on ‘$ Billing’ to view the billing page and current plan. Organization owners who are not members of any other organization can click here to navigate to the billing page directly. https://app.ontask.io/account/organization/OnTask/billing

Once at the billing page, select the Monthly/ Yearly switch to choose paying one time per year or to sign up for a monthly subscription. Choose the product and click Select Plan.

Special Pricing

If an OnTask Expert or OnTask sales representative has given a code for customized pricing please enter that code first and select apply. When the code is valid and has not expired, the billing options displayed will update to the new subscription details. Click Select Plan and proceed.


Payment Method

Enter the credit card details for the subscription. Click Purchase when ready.

Payment History

Review previous purchases and dates

Changing Credit Card on file

At any time, the card that will be billed for renewals can be changed by visiting the billing page and clicking on Payment Method. Click Update Payment Method and enter the details of the new card.