Registration & Waivers Forms for Youth Programs

An easier way to collect paperwork for schools and youth sports, activities and organizations.

This school year will be like none other. As we look for ways to make it easier — and safer — the transition from paperwork to digital documents and forms is a natural fit for youth programs. OnTask takes all the complication out of your paperwork and transforms it into a seamless, easy-to-use digital solution.

Digital liability waivers

With the pandemic and its effects still widespread, the need for digital liability waivers is more critical than ever. Youth sports programs and other organizations can easily create waivers in OnTask, with a library of templates and the ability to integrate with your other systems. Players and parents can sign waivers on-the-go, with no login or signup required. And, with regulations being in flux, having the ability to track forms throughout the process reduces confusion and makes it easier to change schedules, expectations and rules when needed.

Health screening questionnaires

Before a participant steps foot onto your facility, whether it’s a soccer player going to practice or a camper going to the campground, you can minimize potential risk with a digital health screening questionnaire. With the ability to create a fillable form, or scan and convert an existing PDF, it’s easy to create a questionnaire in seconds.

Permission slips and forms

All year round, it’s simple to create and send permission slips, registration forms, and other paperwork for your youth program. And, once your student and parents are integrated into your system, there’s no need for repeat data entry.

OnTask makes it quick and easy to create digital liability waivers, permission slips and other necessary documents and forms for your youth organization so that you can focus on what matters most. And, participants can complete the forms before they arrive, increasing convenience and minimizing risk.

  • No printing and scanning required
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Collect more data with greater accuracy
  • HIPAA and SOC2 compliant
  • Legally binding signatures
  • Track progress of waiver and form completion
  • Integrate with your CRM and other systems
  • Get expert support when you need it


OnTask takes all the compliance out of your paperwork and transforms it into a seamless, easy-to-use digital solution.

1,000 Waivers in 3 Days

The West Florida Flames, a non-profit soccer organization with over 2,500 active members wanting to return to the field, used OnTask to streamline their COVID-19 waivers.

We collected about 1,000 waivers in three to four days.  It’s completely streamlined the process for us… One of the greatest benefits of OnTask is that it helps me check to see who has and hasn’t completed a waiver on the spot. I can actually pull up the document, not just see a list of the people who have completed it.

-Melissa Howard, Club Administrator, West Florida Flames Soccer League

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