7 Benefits of Digital Expense Reports With OnTask


As you move to a remote workforce, one of the challenges you may now be faced with is collecting and processing expense reports. OnTask has built easy workflows that enable employees to submit their expenses, from wherever they are, and allow their accounting departments to process them. Going digital with your expense reports provides many long-lasting benefits to your organization. 

1. Reduced Error

Digital expense reports by OnTask provide standard data types and fields that are easy to create and easy to fill out, increasing accuracy and leaving no room for error. 

2. Receipt Storage

Uploading receipts and attaching descriptions means you can keep track of receipts — and comply with tax laws — without having boxes upon boxes full of paper. 

3. Real-Time Data

With expenses submitted when they occur, you can have better visibility of spending across the company. Seeing where the money is going can help you manage expenses more effectively and make decisions based on real-time data. 

4. Quick Setup

Right now, you are probably looking for something you can set up quickly that won’t require a huge team of people. We have done a lot of the groundwork on expense report workflows to get you started quickly.

5. Easy to Build

Our Process Builder makes it easy for you to set up your expense report workflow. We know your process is unique, and we are happy to work with you to configure your process or show you how easy it is to do it yourself. 

6. Easy to Send for Completion

Once you have built your template, you can send that to employees in two ways:

  • Run the workflow directly to the employee so they get a personal email telling them what they need to do
  • Host a link to the workflow from anywhere to begin. This can be on your intranet, in a mass email, chat service, or wherever you would like.
  • Check out how the recipient will see this process in this short demo.

7. Simple Routing and Approvals

Once the expense report is compiled, you can set up appropriate routing for decline and approvals. We provide branching and conditional logic to support your existing process. 

Expense Reports Without the Hassle

Automating and simplifying your expense reports with OnTask is quick and intuitive. Watch our demo to see how to build an expense report process from scratch. Our team is happy to talk you through setting up your expense report workflow. 

Schedule a Demo today to talk about your process and setting up your first OnTask workflow.