4 Tools Businesses Need to Invest in To Get Ahead


Business has always moved quickly. In the digital age, it’s at light speed. If you’re not at first, you’re competing with dozens of companies from around the world to try and win big. But doing business isn’t a one-man band anymore—it’s a full-size orchestra. Using specialized services and tools, managers can create an ensemble of operational implementations that support their business’s growth and long-term health. Here are the top four tools that you need to invest in in order to get ahead of the pack:

Search Engine Optimization Tools

If your business is managing its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts internally, it’s absolutely imperative that you invest in a comprehensive and straightforward SEO tool. By optimizing your SEO, clients and potential customers can stop looking for the needle in the haystack—your business will be easily accessible among the mess and Internet noise. Some SEO tools are packaged as an all-in-one tracking, ranking, research, reporting, and optimization solution. But, the key is to invest in a software that meets your business’s unique needs and provides you with tailored information on your SEO performance (and even your competitors’).

Workflow Automation Software

What’s the old adage? Time is money. In business, this cliche is fact. So how are stakeholders optimizing and saving time? With workflow automation software, businesses can rid themselves of archaic paper processes, enabling employees to work on high-value, bigger picture tasks. Workflow automation can even streamline your customer-facing processes. From agreements to sales contracts to quotes, automation ensures that documents are delivered to clients and vendors on-time and intact. A helpful tip in choosing a solution: Search for a software that requires little to no IT assistance or technical background. Your automation tool should be as simple to use as possible with an intuitive interface, clean dashboard and an easy to use workflow designer.

Social Media Monitoring

We’re in the days of “every brand and every business must have a social presence.” Using a social media monitoring platform enables you to keep a watchful eye on social media mentions while building your customer and fan base. These tools often provide insights into the percentage of positive and negative comments, which will help inform you on potential business optimizations, and public relations incidents and opportunities.

Business Intelligence Tools

Whether you’re a small, mid-size, large, or colossal business, having a business intelligence (BI) tool in your kit will transform your data collection and reporting process for the better. With BI, you can sift through data and manipulate it into stunning visualizations full of insights. By utilizing these data visualizations, meetings and reports will be much easier to comprehend and allows stakeholders to make key business decisions even faster. Globalization means that competition is literally everywhere. However, by adding specialized programs into your toolbox, your business can be a step ahead and differentiate itself as the one to beat.