9 Ways OnTask Makes Paperwork Easier for Educators


While going digital this school year was out of necessity, the online classroom is here to stay this fall. For K-12 and higher ed institutions, that means it’s never been a better time to transition your paperwork to a digital format. Going paperless means fewer paper records, less back-and-forth phone calls and emails, more accurate data collection, and a better student and staff experience.

Here are just a few ways OnTask can partner with your learning institution to make things easier and more efficient.

1. On-the-go data collection for extracurricular activities

From athletics to marching band to chess club, there are always going to be those forms you use over and over. With OnTask, those forms can be created in our mobile-responsive and user-friendly tool, allowing you to collect data on-the-go forat competitions, sporting events, and more with ease.

2. Required fields for permission slips and waivers

Field trip forms. Technology waivers. Food allergy requirements. Parental consent forms. All of these paper records, and more, can be digitized with OnTask, making it easier to get signatures and accurate information. With required fields, parents, students, and administrators can’t skip anything essential, making sure you get the right information every time, with no login required and the ability to track your form’s progress.

3. Scannable PDFs for worksheets and homework

As school has gone digital, so has homework. Instead of having students print assignments, fill them out, and scan the completed assignment — or take a photo with their phones — teachers can assign digital homework assignments, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and sending. It’s easy to scan PDF worksheets and other homework assignments and convert them to digital documents with fillable, automatic find-and-place fields.

4. Secure digital signatures for evaluations

Whether it’s progress reports or teacher evaluations, it’s easy to securely assess progress with OnTask. You can create a new form or scan an existing document into OnTask, and then require fields to ensure you collect all of the necessary information. Secure and required digital signatures mean you can get all the signatures you need.

5. Trackable progress for applications

Scholarships, club memberships, summer school, athletics, and more all require applications. Creating an application form with OnTask is simple, and you can track the progress of the application from start to finish.

6. Upload supporting documents

Many forms, applications, registrations, and other processes require students, teachers, parents, and staff to upload a variety of files. PDFs, JPEGs, Word documents, and other file types are all uploadable with OnTask, which allows you to upload over 60 different file types.

7. Automated workflows for registration

Digitizing course registration forms is already standard practice for schools, but with OnTask, these digital forms can become part of a workflow that allows you to see hold-ups and gain insights into your processes, making them more efficient.

8. Consistent branding and style across documents and forms

All of your institution’s documents and forms can have a coherent branding and style with OnTask. It’s easy to customize your templates with your fonts, colors, and logos, making your documents and forms represent your school spirit and look professional.

9. Sync and auto-populate data

OnTask is easy to integrate with your existing systems, which allows you to auto-populate forms and documents with the data you have on your students and staff automatically, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Education Paperwork Made Simple

These are just a few ways your learning institution can benefit from partnering with OnTask. Schedule a Demo today to talk about your process and setting up your first OnTask workflow.