Accusoft Uses Workflow Automation for Painless Event Planning


Each year, Accusoft hosts a family picnic for their employees. In addition to standard HR benefits, Accusoft prioritizes their employees’ happiness. They believe a fun environment with trusted co-workers is the recipe for a successful company. This is why they plan corporate events.

The family picnic involves extensive planning based on the number of people who will attend. Instead of using a survey tool to track attendance like many businesses, Accusoft sent the process through OnTask in order to keep track of their employee responses. Accusoft needed to know how many adults were attending, how many children would accompany them, if they could volunteer for setup, or if they were willing to help with tear down. Plus, they wanted to be able to track which employees had signed up for which volunteer opportunity.

In years past, we’ve been bombarded with email responses to our events. We recorded them with manual entries into spreadsheets to keep track of the RSVPs. OnTask streamlined our process by keeping track of the responses and generating reports whenever we needed them.

– Jeannie Fiesta, Manager of Marketing Operations

When planning events in the past, Accusoft used a manual spreadsheet to record employee responses. “When we planned the holiday party, we simply sent out a mass email asking people to respond with a yes or no and the name of their guest. We had to task one person with recording the answers in a spreadsheet. Some employees would change their mind about coming. Others didn’t know who they were bringing. It got extremely complicated, very quickly,” describes Jeannie Fiesta, Manager of Marketing Operations and a member of the Events Committee at Accusoft.

How Automation Enhanced the Process

Accusoft used workflow automation to keep track of RSVPs for the family picnic and manage employee expectations about the event. The first step was mapping out the process steps.

Once the workflow steps were finalized, the team set up the OnTask form and built the email messages that would be automatically sent through OnTask.

Here’s How the Steps Looked to Recipients


First, they initiated a form with OnTask to record the number of people who could attend.


Then, they sent out the first email inviting employees to the picnic.


If an employee responded that they were going, they received a confirmation email with a link to change the RSVP if necessary.


If the employee signed up to volunteer, a secondary email was sent out separately a few days later to remind them of their commitment.


Next up, a follow-up email was sent to those employees who had not responded with a yes or no indicating if they could come.


Finally, one last email was sent to those who had submitted an acceptance RSVP to remind them about the picnic.

Accusoft used OnTask to track which contacts had responded, which ones hadn’t, and how many people were planning to attend.

OnTask allowed me to focus on other areas of event coordination while this great system took care of tracking and reporting our RSVP details!

– Christine Hairelson, HR Director

The Result

Accusoft was able to invite employees, record responses, keep track of attendee answers, and plan their event accordingly. Instead of wasting time sorting through emails and recording responses manually, Accusoft was able to streamline their process and focus on the fun aspects of their family-friendly event.

  • RSVPs Managed: 156
  • Data Entry Errors: 0
  • Less Headaches: 100%

“OnTask stands out from its competitors because I was able to set-up email reminders without having to remember to send them out myself. I’m looking forward to using OnTask for future event planning coordination,” says Christine Hairelson, HR Director at Accusoft.

This process saved the team countless hours and eliminated the potential for human error. With quick access to data on employee responses, the team was able to focus on what mattered most: making the event a fun, family-friendly event for their employees.

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