An Automation Round-Up: Our Top 10 Resources of 2017


Every business should know that their company’s operations can always be improved—whether that’s through reducing paper processes or speeding up sales with digital process automation. As your go-to workflow automation solution, we deliver many resources to help your business be as successful as possible.

This year, we did the digging and rounded up our top 10 resources of 2017:

  1. What Is Process Mapping?This process mapping article covers the big picture of process mapping and how your company can best utilize this method. Process mapping lets your company improve efficiency by taking a magnifying glass to your internal processes and mapping the ideal process step-by-step. This is done by constructing a comprehensive understanding of where a project is supposed to be in each step of its progression.
  2. How to Build a Process MapWith a foundational understanding of process maps, we walk you through the steps of creating your process map in our first “back to the basics” blog. We break down each step so that you can kick off your process map building on the right track and don’t miss a thing. We take it up a notch and give you tips on how to avoid the biggest mistakes even the best companies make when creating a process map. Utilizing these tips will give you an advantage over your competitors and their slower operations.
  3. Workflow Automation ROIMeasuring your company’s productivity may sound like an abstract task, but in this article we teach you how to do just that. When implementing a new method of business operations, such as digital process automation, executives want to be sure that there will be positive quantifiable results. We take you step-by-step through how to analyze your business through the utilization of hard and soft calculations, giving you your company’s ROI for automated services.
  4. Process, Project, and Task ManagementIn this blog, we help you break down the different management sectors of business operations: process management, project management, and task management. We discuss how each one is involved in your business’ practices so you can reap the greatest amount of advantages. Delving deeper into these practices, we cover their most important features and key benefits.
  5. Digital Transaction ManagementPaper-based processes waste your company’s time and money, which is why we discussed ways you can take advantage of digital transaction management. Some examples of how you can use this include: invoices, client documents, interviewee resumes, meeting minutes, contracts, and in-progress projects – just to name a few. This tool can be utilized by anyone and everyone within the company, optimizing business operations at every level.
  6. Improving WorkflowsHaving an efficient workflow should be every company’s top goal, considering it directly correlates to productivity and revenue. We walk you through five steps on how your business can move from implementing workflow automation to having a truly optimized business process. Adopting workflow automation in the office is only the first stage in creating and seeing progressive change in operations. Learning to adapt to, work with, and adjust workflow automation lets your company make the most effective use of a game-changing tool.
  7. Increasing Sales RevenueAdministrative tasks and mountains of paperwork eat away at precious time that could be dedicated to face-to-face meetings with customers. This article covers all the ways document automation can be put to use in the sales arena. Using electronic forms, prescriptive workflows, and digital signatures makes it easier than ever for customers to do business and partner with your company. Following our five insider-tips will give you an extra leg up against your competitors.
  8. Paperless – Or Just Digital?Are you actually paperless? Most companies that think they are paperless are really just digital. Paperless companies save significant amounts of money and time every year just by making a few simple switches in their daily operations. In this infographic, we classify and analyze the major differences between a digital company and a paperless company, and the benefits to making the switch.
  9. Email Routing HellEmail is supposed to be a line of communication, but when it is used and abused it has been known to suck the life and productivity out of an employee. This article discusses the nine circles of email routing hell and the frustrations that come along with each one. Any of them look familiar? Hopefully not! If they do, you can avoid these email sins by implementing digital process automation. This software eliminates the need to overdo it with email, giving you some peace in your inbox.
  10. Our Origin StoryThe best way to understand someone or something is to know the origin story. In this article, we pull back the curtains and let you in on how OnTask went from inception to the market. Read about our research and solution development to see how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We go in-depth on why we wanted to exist and how our existence can help you and your company’s unique needs.

With the work of our industry specialists and expert staff, our resources have helped countless companies improve their business operations. We look forward to sharing more materials with our customers in the coming year to assist them in advancing their businesses’ processes. Happy New Year!