Automation: Your Competitive Advantage When it Comes to Staffing


The staffing market has exploded, making for an uber-competitive industry environment—but document automation can give you a massive advantage. By putting your operations on auto-pilot, your employees can focus on higher-impact activities, like successfully placing talent.

Here’s three ways how.

  1. Get contracts signed faster. With contract automation, you can drive revenue by getting contracts signed with ease and efficiency. You’re able to remind the appropriate parties to take action without going back and forth through email, and have confidence that you’re always working with the most up-to-date version. Once a contract is finalized, digital signing enables you to close deals from any device at any time.

Keep your business moving and keep your clients happy by getting more contractors on assignment faster. When your clients know they can count on you to be more responsive and  get the job done faster, they’ll come back to you for business time and time again.

  1. Eliminate paper processes. There’s a lot of documents involved with placing talent—background checks, education verification, and employment contracts are just some examples. These documents take time and money to store, sort through, and get completed copies back from candidates. If they’re lost or misplaced, there’s usually no backup version. In fact, 15% of an organization’s revenue is spent creating, managing, and distributing documents.

With document automation, you can collect information faster and more accurately. Be assured that you’re sending the right document to the right person every time, without the risk of human error. Additionally, you can store all data on a secure platform with backups in place, saving physical space and giving peace of mind. Don’t get hung up on where a document is located or if you’ve sent it to the proper party—with automation, you can put these processes on auto-pilot and focus on people, not paperwork.  

  1. Enable your team to focus on personal touch. Administrative tasks such as filling out paperwork and tracking down documents typically don’t generate revenue for your business. Now with modern technology, your employees can spend time on the tasks that affect your bottom line and let automation do the rest.

Document automation enables you to streamline repetitive processes, allowing your team to focus on what really matters, like successfully placing candidates and keeping your clients satisfied. This part of the job, unlike paperwork, does require that human touch to be most effective—like making sure a potential employee is a good fit for a company’s culture. This gives you an advantage over those staffing firms still wasting valuable time and resources on logistics.

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