How Automation Makes HR More “Human” for SMBs

Managing a small to medium-sized business (SMB) often comes with mountains of paperwork—much of which falls into the hands of the HR managers (or at a smaller company, executives), forcing them to shift their focus from people to paper.

One key way SMBs set themselves apart from the competition is their personal touch. Unfortunately, there’s no way around the number of documents that SMBs need to juggle, which can make it harder for SMBs to devote time to their clients. However, there is a better way to manage this flood of paperwork: HR workflow automation. With HR automation, you can put your focus back on people with quicker onboarding, more productivity, and greater transparency.

Speed Up Onboarding

From new employee onboarding to training documents, HR managers and SMB leaders are no strangers to long checklists and piles of paper. But, when manually processing or shuffling items through the pipeline, mistakes are almost inevitable. Ultimately, in a small business, each hire is critical, and bringing people onboard quickly is equally as important to grow and scale. Luckily, automation software allows SMBs to quickly and correctly onboard new employees.

Bringing on a new employee requires tremendous internal planning – especially for SMBs new to the process. In such a multidimensional process, efficiency is key – and automation tools make it easier to quickly cross everything off your list. Before the new employee’s first day, HR managers must make sure they have a computer and desk in place and their business cards are ordered, among other various planning tasks. By inserting these workflows into your automation software, HR managers can put these tasks on autopilot and focus on welcoming their new team member.

Increase Productivity & Save Time

Inefficiency is the enemy to success – and, for an SMB, it can be particularly dangerous. Larger corporations have economies of scale on their side, giving them the resources to afford costly HRIS add-on modules. To keep pace with these companies, SMBs should have an HR workflow in place to help increase their productivity. By automating paper workflows, you drastically reduce the amount of time spent searching for documents and managing signatures.

Automating signatures eliminates the manual steps that quickly eat up time—like printing a PDF, signing it and scanning it—so you can easily review documents and ensure each one is signed before it moves along. Essentially, automation helps you create an environment that is bred for the organization, is easily maneuverable, and gives employees more time to focus on client satisfaction.

Boost Transparency

HR automation also gives you more visibility into the pipeline, so you can easily track time off requests and keep a closer eye on timesheets. SMBs sometimes scramble to keep information organized, and trying to keep information open may quickly become near impossible. Fortunately, automation software allows information to be stored digitally.

Streamlining HR workflows is one of the best ways you can better your small business’ productivity, create a scalable framework, and maintain your organization’s personal touch. Implement HR automation so the HR team can get back to what they do best – and so you can focus on your company’s growth.