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Can SMBs Benefit From Workflow Automation?

Business success depends heavily on well thought-out processes and their ability to reduce inefficiencies. However, managing these processes and ensuring they work efficiently is difficult—especially for smaller organizations undergoing rapid evolution.

Small to Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) are made up of small-but-mighty teams, and they must work diligently to stay ahead of the competition. By using workflow software with pre-built templates, SMBs can leverage that competitive edge and begin automating everyday processes right away—saving both time and money.


Why SMBs Should Use Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation allows companies to put time-consuming processes on autopilot. It can benefit a multitude of areas within an organization, helping to expedite sales proposals, simplify new employee onboarding, organize budget approvals and more. And for SMBs that are coping with growing pains, workflow automation makes it easy to edit existing workflow processes so that they can grow alongside the changing needs of your business.

Here are some additional ways SMBs can use workflow automation:


Reducing Double Work and Inefficiencies

Manually performing the same mundane tasks over and over again is frustrating, and wastes precious manpower that could be spent on growing the business. For example, studies show that employees spend up to 25% of their time searching for documents and information they need to complete their job. Further, those seemingly insignificant repetitive tasks cost businesses close to $5 trillion each year. Utilizing workflow automation software can significantly cut down on these statistics.

Common Tasks That Can Be Automated:

  • Budget Approvals
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Expense Reports
  • Parking Permits
  • Time-Off and Leave Requests

These tasks and more can be easily automated with the right workflow automation software.


Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

SMBs rely heavily on their employees’ passion and skills to gain a competitive advantage. Attracting the right talent and retaining these quality employees with easy-to-follow processes is possible with workflow automation. In fact, 59% of employees say technology is very important to them when considering a new employer. By automating your hiring process with digital forms and pre-filled fields, and digital eSignatures, you can ensure potential applicants get the right first impression of your business. 

Once hiring decisions have been made, new employees can easily complete onboarding paperwork via workflow software, oftentimes even before their first day of work begins. And, you can take the pressure off HR members by automating offer letters, NDA’s, and whatever other onboarding paperwork your business relies on.

Common Onboarding Documents That Can Easily Be Automated:

  • Direct Deposit Set-up
  • Employee Handbooks
  • NDA’s
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Offer Letters
  • Privacy Policies

All HR and new-hire tasks can be streamlined using the right technology.


Improving Client Onboarding & Approvals Process

Bringing on a new client can be a lengthy and involved process, requiring multiple parties to provide feedback on proposals and contracts, and getting the signatures needed to seal the deal. For SMBs that already have plenty on their plates, this can be an inefficiency nightmare. 

From start to finish, workflow automation software can take the pain out of signing new clients. A paper-based document can take 5 to 6 documents to get signed, whereas digital documents with eSignatures take an average of 6 minutes to obtain a signature. And, some softwares even allow users to redline and make edits to contracts right in the platform while maintaining version control.

Approval Processes That Can Easily Be Automated:

  • Contract Renewals
  • New Business Contracts
  • Partner Agreements
  • Proposals
  • Quotes
  • Referral Agreements

Workflows allow you to quickly move contracts from key internal stakeholders to clients, then back for final approval—enabling SMBs to close deals quickly and realize revenue faster with digital, legally-binding signatures.

OnTask: Workflow Automation Software Designed to Help SMBs Thrive

When it comes to taking your SMB’s processes digital, it takes the right tools to help you do it with confidence. OnTask is a workflow automation software with digital forms, documents and eSignatures built-in. OnTask also features collaborative redlining for contracts and proposals, a template library for your most-used documents, automated reminders to ensure nothing gets stuck along the way. It’s time to take the hassle out of doing business.

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