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eSignatures in 2021: What You Should Know

The pandemic has led to a rise in the use of eSignatures as more people have begun working out-of-office. While the use of eSignatures was once a matter of convenience or efficiency, now it provides the added benefit of being safer — especially for those caring for at-risk loved ones. Considering the statistics on remote work, this is likely to be the new norm, and companies are beginning to look for ways to adjust.


The Pandemic’s Impact on Remote Work

The COVID crisis drastically impacted multiple aspects of the global community, including the economy and people’s work habits. As of December 2020, a Pew research study revealed that more than 70% of Americans were working from home. Over half reported wanting to continue remote work in the future.

This change in workplace habits is likely to permanently alter the face of the workforce. With this shift to off-site working habits, the way people are dealing with paperwork has changed as well. Whereas before, it was still common to manually sign documents, this is no longer a given. 

With this shift, the need for an effective platform to facilitate eSignatures has become much more pressing.


Evaluating eSignature Platforms

When looking for an eSignature platform, there are several key factors to keep in mind. This will ensure you are getting the best possible value for your investment.

Ease of use
A well-designed platform should feel intuitive to use. The more frustrating or overwhelming users find it, the more likely they will struggle to use it consistently. The layout should be intuitive, with features organized and positioned in a way that is easy to find. Otherwise, due to confusion or frustration, they may not use it to its fullest potential. Even the most full-featured program is wasted on a user that can’t figure out where the features actually are, or what they do.

While a single-feature platform is certainly better than none at all, there are advantages to one that doesn’t just stop at eSignatures. Since document signing is usually part of a larger workflow, it can sometimes feel disruptive to have to leave the flow to take care of paperwork. A platform that incorporates digital forms within an automated workflow can help keep team members focused and on task. Consider eSignatures as part of your larger workflow needs.

Many platforms advertise an appealing price up front, but in reality have hidden fees and unexpected price increases built into their contract. When comparing costs, be sure to look for these hidden costs as well. Consider a platform that doesn’t spring unexpected charges on you and is transparent from the get-go.

Security and compliance
Given the sensitive nature of much of your documentation, it makes sense to have a platform whose digital forms feature robust compliance and security safeguards. Given the stringent requirements of laws such as HIPAA, FERPA, and SOC2, having a platform that is automatically in compliance with these can put your mind at ease.

A platform that adapts to your ongoing needs can be invaluable. Rather than accepting an inflexible, one-size-fits-all platform, consider one that you can customize. A scalable solution can be fine-tuned in real time to adapt to changes in your team’s goals, size, and project or training requirements. By tailoring the workflow to exactly your situation, you can increase efficiency and boost your competitive edge. Consider a platform that will support you in this.


OnTask: Effective, Scalable, Transparent

OnTask not only offers an easy-to-use, feature-rich eSignature interface for your team, it goes above and beyond by providing a full-featured support environment that can streamline the entire workflow process. 

From secure, compliance-aligned digital forms, to scalable workflow automation, OnTask is an elegant, multi-pronged solution to diverse workplace needs. Teams that incorporate the platform into their daily work can boost efficiency and collaboration — and thus improve their business’ competitiveness in the market.

Better yet, OnTask’s pricing is transparent. In contrast to some other solutions, you will never be charged hidden fees or experience surprise increases. What you see advertised is exactly what you get — that’s just good business practice. Schedule a demo today to see if OnTask is the right fit for you.