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OnTask Workflow Automation

Get to Know OnTask: Forms, Documents, Workflows & Signatures

What does your average workday look like, right now? Does it look like this?

  • Updating documents over and over
  • Sending emails and messages
  • Following up with people to get their forms filled out
  • Passing the baton between stakeholders

Finally, at the end of the day, you actually get some real work done.

What if you could automate these manual processes so you can focus on the important stuff?

Introducing OnTask Forms, Documents, Workflows and Signatures. Our platform has solutions that will transform your organization’s processes. Whether you work in healthcare, higher education, real estate, finance, legal, HR, or any other industry, you’ll be able to put our tools to work for your organization.


OnTask Forms

What is OnTask Forms?

OnTask Forms is a form creation and automation tool that allows you to create, edit, send and collect information via digital forms easily and quickly, all in one place.

How it helps your organization

With OnTask Forms, you can quickly scan and convert an existing PDF into a digital form or create a new digital form using our templates. With scannable find-and-place fields and required signatures, it’s easier for you to create those forms you have to use over and over. It’s also easier on the people who have to fill the forms, with no login required, flexible delivery methods and access anywhere, on any device. OnTask Forms is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant, meaning you can feel secure about the data you collect. 

“Being able to upload PDFs and assign roles to fields was so simple and easy, and that was a big win,” says Brandon Veiga, IT Manager & Project Specialist at The Wyanoke Group. “We love that we can upload forms, designate form fields, and assign different tasks within a document to different roles.”

OnTask Forms makes form creation simple, but how it can benefit your organization doesn’t stop there. With the ability to track form completion, keep data secure, automate form routing, and integrate collected data with your other systems, OnTask form automation makes your forms a powerful part of your overall workflow. 



OnTask Documents

What is OnTask Documents? 

OnTask Documents is a document generation and automation tool that allows you to create and edit documents, generate templates, and route documents in one platform. 

How it helps your organization

OnTask Documents makes it quick and easy to create documents and generate templates you can use over and over again. Unlike with some of our competitors, with OnTask, you can edit those documents and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in one place, as well as incorporate custom branding for a cohesive, professional look.

OnTask Documents also provides the benefits of document automation by connecting your systems through open APIs, Zapier and webhooks. With the ability to capture data once and flow it through your systems, you can save time and increase accuracy. Automated document routing also means you don’t have to deal with sending documents back and forth between stakeholders.



OnTask Workflows

What is OnTask Workflows?

OnTask Workflows is a workflow automation tool that allows you to create a dynamic workflow to automate your processes.

How it helps your organization
OnTask Workflows digitizes, streamlines and automates your processes. With if/then conditional branching, automated repeating reminders and reusable templates, OnTask’s no-code, intuitive system makes setting up workflows incredibly simple.

“Once I built out the workflows, OnTask reduced our 25 templates down to two. We were able to build everything we need into two templates and two links, and it enabled us to get simplified reporting,” says Saurabh Gupto, CTO, TalentBoost.

After you create your workflow, you can easily customize and automate all of your workflows moving forward, with the ability to copy and paste workflows and use them for new processes. With all of your workflows in one place, it’s easy to see what’s performing efficiently and what’s not, and discover bottlenecks and stopgaps in your processes. 



OnTask Signatures

What is OnTask Signatures?

OnTask Signatures is a digital signature tool that allows you to collect secure and compliant esignatures all in one place.

How it helps your organization

Digital signatures are the new standard. With the ability to bulk send as many signatures as you need via SMS text messaging, QR codes or shareable links, OnTask Signatures saves time and reduces chance of error, all while maintaining compliance. 

“When I reviewed the pricing and functionality of DocuSign, it just didn’t make sense for our needs. They wanted to charge us for every document, and when you have 1,500+ questionnaires going out, that means thousands of dollars out of pocket for a digital signature,” says Anna Newell, HR Director at Mungo Homes. “Our experience with OnTask has been great. I love that everything is online. It’s easy to be able to go back into the dashboard when a process is at a standstill, and figure out what’s happening.”

Since you can easily add signatures into an automated workflow, OnTask Signatures ensures you can track completions and get more signatures collected with automated notifications and reminders. 


Experience OnTask: Your Complete Workflow Solution

With Forms, Documents, Workflows and Signatures, OnTask is a powerful, holistic platform that puts workflows to work so that you can get down to business. 

Are you ready to experience OnTask? Start your 14-day trial and see how OnTask can empower your organization.