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How OnTask & Clio Can Save Law Firms Billable Time

Giving Legal Firms Time Back in Their Day: Integrating OnTask with Clio

Building a successful law practice takes more than just hard work, it takes proper time allocation. All too often, law professionals get distracted doing manual administrative tasks that take large chunks of time with little return. Having the right automated systems in place guards against wasted billable time and give firms like yours time to focus on business growth. That’s why integrating Clio with OnTask is a match made in heaven.


The Problem with Time (or a Lack Thereof)

Do you ever feel like you’ve toiled away the entire day, but have little to show for it? Unfortunately, it’s common for lawyers to spend more of their time on admin tasks than working on actual cases. A 2017 study from Legal Evolution found that the average law firm misses out on 6 hours of billable time for every 8 hours worked. Further, 68% of law professionals admitted that there is just not enough time in the day to get their job done. 

Time doesn’t just matter when it comes to getting work done, but more time in your day leaves more opportunities to connect with potential clients. On average, law firms spend 2 hours of their non-billable time looking for new prospects. Nurturing these potential clients takes time, and many of them want answers fast. In fact, 67% of people reported that the most important factor in choosing a law firm is how quickly they respond to emails or calls. With the right tools on hand, you can get back to growing your firm. 


Automate Administrative Tasks with Ease

Clio is a tool trusted by thousands of law professionals, acting as a customer database and case management tool. OnTask is a digital workflow automation tool that streamlines administrative tasks. OnTask easily integrates with Clio to allow all information to flow freely throughout the two systems, creating an easy to-use, efficient way to streamline paper processes.


New Client Onboarding

The first step of the new client intake process requires collection of customer information to store in your database for later reference. By running a simple workflow, OnTask can automate the entire new client intake process. Using either a user-friendly webform or a responsive PDF form, customers can fill in whatever information you specify. These forms are mobile-friendly, so that clients have an easy time filling them out anywhere, anytime. Once this client info is submitted it is automatically pulled into Clio or your desired customer database.


Preparing and Drafting Legal Documents

Another integral, but time consuming, task is the preparation and drafting of legal documents such as retainer agreements, NDAs, entrance of appearances, requests for discovery and demand, liability waivers, separation agreements, and more. Between physically hunting down the right documents, filling them out with correct information, and getting the proper parties to sign and return; billable hours are at stake.

OnTask makes it easy to create and organize custom templates for the documents your practice reaches for the most. These reusable templates can be created with dynamic fields to save you time on filling out information. Any document template in OnTask can be triggered by a few clicks of your mouse within Clio to automatically populate documents with your specified terms and the customer data that was obtained during onboarding.

Retainer agreement documents are a great example, requiring terms to be specified correctly before signatures and approvals can happen. Using custom fields in Clio, you can add the retainer amount and choose which workflow to use, and let OnTask do the rest. All info will be auto-filled from the client data and terms you specified, and the document will be ready to send for signatures.

Watch a quick demo video to see how to set up Client Onboarding & Retainer Agreements with OnTask.


Obtaining Signatures, Approvals & Notarizations

Once documents have been created, it’s time to get signatures and approvals. Some practices prefer wet signatures (also known as a physical, non-digital signature) for their documents, while others use digital signatures. For wet signatures, OnTask can still help generate the documents needed; auto-populated with client information and ready to be printed, signed, and returned.

Triggered through your Clio dashboard, OnTask can automatically send users a document for  digital signature. This allows participants the ability to sign from anywhere in the world via email or SMS text, cutting down on turnaround time. Reminders and escalations can also be set to give participants a gentle nudge if needed. These documents or forms can also be used via smartphone or tablet if agreements need to be signed on-site. 

All signatures facilitated through OnTask are legally binding, and certified behind-the-scenes in OnTask’s secure system. Once certified, the final signed copy will appear in your Clio dashboard for you to print or email to the necessary parties. OnTask can also be paired with many e-notarization apps to assist with the signing process of notaries.


Reclaim Your Time with OnTask

When it comes to time, we could all use a little bit more of it in our workday. Running a law firm comes with the need for a lot of paperwork, but that doesn’t mean it has to take up the bulk of your time any longer. By integrating OnTask with Clio, a CRM, or your practice’s management platform, you can easily automate routine administrative duties to shift your focuses to growth. 

Reclaim lost time, start your free 14-day trial to see what OnTask can do for your legal practice.