How — And Why — Youth Programs Should Go Digital With Paperwork

This school year will be like none other. As we look for ways to make it easier — and safer — the transition from paperwork to digital documents and forms is a natural fit for schools and youth sports, activities and organizations.

How Youth Programs Can Digitize & Automate Paperwork

With paperwork in the form of emails, PDFs, and files so heavily indoctrinated into our systems, it can be difficult to imagine the transition to a digital, automated solution. 

However, the peskiest processes are typically those that would be best suited toward automation. Consider your paperwork and processes against the following criteria: 

  • Time-consuming and time-critical: Tasks you need done urgently, but take a lot of time. 
  • Repetitive: Tasks that are done over and over, and that have a lot of repeated data entry. 
  • Prone to error: Tasks that typically suffer from human error. 
  • Disconnected data: Tasks and processes that require data across different systems.

For schools and youth programs, there are a lot of processes that fit that criteria. 

Registration forms

Registering for youth programs requires a lot of different forms and paperwork. Implementing a workflow automation solution like OnTask can make things more streamlined and save time by having all the files you need in one workflow. And, since you can upload over 60 different file types, you don’t have to worry about requesting a PDF, JPEG or Word document. 

Digital liability waivers

With the pandemic and its effects still widespread, the need for digital liability waivers is more critical than ever. Youth sports programs and other organizations can easily create waivers in OnTask, with a library of templates and the ability to integrate with your other systems. 

For example, when West Florida Flames Soccer League needed digital liability waivers to get players back on the field, they streamlined the process using OnTask. They were able to collect 1,000 waivers in three to four days due to OnTask’s streamlined document automation. Since OnTask is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, it’s easy to update these liability waivers and other paperwork as rules and recommendations change.

Health screening forms

Before a participant steps foot onto your facility, whether it’s a soccer player going to practice or a camper going to the campground, you can minimize potential risk with a digital health screening form. With the ability to create a fillable form, or scan and convert an existing PDF, it’s easy to create a form in seconds.

Event registration

Whether your baseball team is travelling to a tournament or your debate club is competing in a regional competition, schools and youth programs often have events that require separate registration. Having the entire registration online makes it easy for people to register and to send reminder notifications as the event approaches. 

Feedback forms

Gathering feedback, whether it’s on student progress or a coach’s evaluation, can be done securely and privately in an online feedback form. And, if multiple people need to fill out the form, OnTask makes it easy to ensure they don’t see each other’s responses. 

Permission slips 

All year round, it’s simple to create and send permission slips and other paperwork for your youth program. And, once your student and parents are integrated into your system, there’s no need for repeat data entry. 

Why Youth Programs Should Go Digital

Transitioning your processes and paperwork into a digital solution can transform your organization in a number of ways. And, you get to focus on what’s important instead of administrative tasks and data entry.

Get more signatures

Chasing down parents for signatures is always difficult, but it is especially hard when we’re not all seeing each other everyday. OnTask makes it easier to get more information with required fields and automated reminders. 

Collect data on-the-go

Players and parents can sign waivers on-the-go and on mobile. This makes it easy to get information and signatures wherever you are, whether that’s on the field, the campground or the stage.

Share forms and documents

With just a link or an email, you can easily share forms and documents with parents, coaches, teachers and students, no login or signup required. 

Track forms as they progress

With regulations being in flux, having the ability to track forms throughout the process reduces confusion and makes it easier to change schedules, expectations and rules when needed. And, you can identify where there are roadblocks internally and externally.

Incorporate your team spirit

Online documents and forms can be customized with the colors and logo of your team, club, or organization. Not only does that bring some team spirit into your process, but it also makes it immediately apparent to people what they are receiving.

Integrate your systems

OnTask has integrations with email marketing automation, CRM and other systems, making it easy to store your participant information. You won’t have to repeatedly enter data once your systems are integrated.

OnTask — Your Workflow Automation Solution

Getting the paperwork, signing it at home, driving to the school, submitting the paperwork in person — none of that hassle has to happen. With OnTask, your school and youth program processes can be digitized and automated, making things safer and faster. OnTask takes all the complication out of your paperwork and transforms it into a seamless, easy-to-use digital solution.

If you’d like to see how OnTask can benefit your school or youth program, please join us for a group demo or schedule a custom demo.