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How Document Automation Optimizes HR Processes
Published: June 28, 2022

We’ve all heard it before: an employee’s first impression matters. That first impression starts during the hiring process and the data tells us that that can have a heavy impact on how long they will stay with your company. Still, many companies underestimate just how important HR's role in onboarding is when it comes to giving employees a happy start.

While this may be true, for many companies streamlining HR operations in a meaningful way is a tough benchmark to achieve. Traditional, paper-heavy HR processes often create efficiency problems during onboarding, making it difficult for HR team members to add a personal touch to the process. Between collecting info and following up on emails, and communicating with each stakeholder in the process; onboarding takes a lot of time and resources.

OnTask President, Steve Wilson, shared his experience working with customers to automate onboarding with HR Tech Outlook, a leading outlet for HR-centric news.

Steve shared information on OnTask, and why it has been such a crucial device for clients. On top of simple no-code automation, OnTask gives HR professionals the ability to use prebuilt templates, build out approvals for document workflows, and completely customize their processes as needed. All while being able to scale with company needs.

Read the full interview: OnTask: Optimizing HR Processes with Document Automation


An Easy, Flexible Way to Automate HR Processes

It’s time to put HR teams first by giving them the right tools for success. Fight back against attrition and save time at your business using automation tools from OnTask. OnTask helps businesses of all sizes address their document needs. 

Take, for example, TalentBoost. TalentBoost is a high-velocity staffing firm that needed a way to quickly onboard 1,000+ employees in the span of a month, and OnTask was there to help them do it. Learn more about OnTask’s HR resources and start your free trial today.