COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking & Paperwork

How OnTask Can Help with COVID Vaccine Tracking & Paperwork

Soon, the COVID-19 vaccine will be widely available, leaving businesses to evaluate how to safely re-open and manage employee vaccinations. Do you have a plan for encouraging employees to get vaccinated and tracking these records? In our previous posts, we talked about what your organization needs to know about the vaccine and how to start drawing up a vaccine plan. Now, it’s time to learn how OnTask can put your plan into action, by helping you collect, track, and store vaccine records.


What to Consider When it Comes to Vaccine Paperwork

Businesses are navigating uncharted waters when it comes to processing vaccine paperwork. The only reference most have now are flu vaccines, however, these are only administered in a single dose unlike the new COVID vaccines which primarily come in 2 doses spaced at least 2 weeks apart. This makes navigating record collection more difficult, but with the right tools it’s possible for the process to be smooth.

OnTask is a fully HIPAA, and SOC2 compliant solution that is designed to save employees time. This solution is designed to account for all of the different paperwork instances that may arise when collecting documentation for COVID vaccines. Here’s how:

Accounting for All Instances
OnTask allows you to create customizable digital workflows to account for every instance of vaccination records that need to be collected. Collection is different for the COVID vaccine than with others since it is administered in two doses. Our workflows consist of a series of tasks that can be set to account for this. 

These tasks are assigned to an employee, also known as a participant, to complete. 

The participant will be asked if they require a second round of doses, and once they answer yes, two tasks will be created for them to upload their vaccine proof. Both of these tasks have reminders attached to them to automatically remind participants when it’s time to submit the second round of proof.

OnTask’s conditional logic feature is also useful when it comes to tracking employee vaccinations. For example, if an employee receives the vaccine, upon record submission a document can be generated telling them that they can return to the office. If not, your workflow can follow a different path in which they are denied and sent an email reminding them to return their paperwork in the coming weeks.

Simplified Vaccine Tracking
Having a means for tracking and storing these records is key for creating a safe workplace. With OnTask, you can send your workflow out to your entire company via an email, link, QR code, or text message. You can then track progress from your dashboard, giving you insight into who has and has not submitted their forms and who may be stuck somewhere in the process. 

OnTask also features an automated reminder feature, which can be set to send an email reminder out to employees who haven’t submitted their records in the time allotted.

Easy Record Submission for Employees
With OnTask, it’s easy for your employees to submit information. All digital forms can be formatted to auto-populate company data and save employees time. And, OnTask can be accessed from any device, making it easy to upload proof of vaccines from anywhere they may be.

Once documentation is uploaded, it is stored within OnTask where HR employees or management can review them later. OnTask easily integrates with most CRMS, allowing you to access documents and info however works best for you.


OnTask: We’re Here to Help You Get Back to the New Normal

Look after the wellbeing of employees and create a safe workplace.  Invention of the new COVID vaccine means the world can collectively start easing into a new version of normal. Mass roll-out of the vaccine will begin soon, and the time to plan is now. As you create your strategy, count OnTask in for easy record collection.

Need help navigating how to develop a proof of vaccination program? Contact us.