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HR Automation in a Post-COVID World

Many organizations coming out of the COVID crisis look a lot different than they did in a pre-COVID world. One of the departments forced to evolve the fastest was human resources, which is now responsible for remote workforces and managing teams and organizational processes from afar. 

For those teams that successfully navigated this evolution, much of this transformation was due to the widespread adoption of automation technology. While some forward-thinking organizations had already put their HR departments on a path toward digital transformation, others made their greatest strides under unprecedented external pressure.

OnTask has worked with HR teams across the country, with organizations large and small, to help them with this transformation, providing the foundation to leverage technology and automation to thrive. 

OnTask President Steve Wilson provided his thoughts on this human resources process and evolution with HR Strategy & Planning, and, the largest social network for HR professionals and the foremost, trusted industry resource for education, career development, and compliance.

Steve shared his thoughts on what HR teams have learned during the COVID crisis, including the need for automation and employee support, as well as the crucial nature of being flexible in an evolving business climate. He also explored how automation can help with critical business functions like increasing retention, improving collaboration, enhancing efficiency, providing better security, and preparing the organization for an uncertain future. 

Visit to read the full story and get these industry insights: Why HR Automation Is More Important Than Ever In A Post-Covid World (free subscription required). 


Leveraging Automation So HR Teams Can Focus on What Matters

It’s not always easy to make the leap to HR workflow automation (tips on justifying the solution to leadership), but it’s clear how beneficial it can be to HR departments and organizations of every size. By relying on technology to automate HR tasks, your team can accomplish more and they are happier in the end. Since solutions like OnTask are infinitely customizable, they address your HR needs and your team to meet your goals.

Digitize documents and forms, streamline IT checklists, automate HR processes and workflows, and save time and money while increasing productivity. Give your HR team members the power to focus on people, and not paperwork. Learn more about the OnTask Human Resources solutions here, and contact us today for more information.