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Keeping Campus Safe from COVID

After more than a year of remote or hybrid learning, students are heading back to campus this fall. But “back to school” isn’t the same as “back to normal,” and this year looks different than most years prior. The truth is universities are facing unprecedented challenges as they navigate institutional, state, and federal guidelines for campus health and safety. 

For instance, as of October 1st, 1058 colleges require proof of vaccination or weekly testing for employees and students. This number is growing daily, especially in light of President Biden’s announcement of a federal mandate, which will be overseen by OSHA. As some administrators consider whether the 100+ organization rule will apply to their institutions, others are already putting their emergency vaccination plans into effect. 

While mandatory immunizations are by no means new for universities, COVID-19 policies demand quicker responses at a larger, more complex scale than your average vaccine program. Administrators need to find a way to coordinate everything from managing exemptions and digitizing CDC cards to staying on top of weekly testing. Beyond the logistics, you’re looking at an influx of paperwork that threatens to become as unmanageable as the virus itself. 

Yet, keeping up with both vaccine tracking and the paperwork is critical for campus safety and maintaining compliance with those evolving guidelines. That’s why OnTask offers a tool that simplifies your COVID protocols, no matter what plan your administration has developed for reducing outbreak on campus. Here are just three of the ways we can help your campus stay the course:


#1: Student Vaccination Appointments

Most universities require or strongly encourage students to get vaccinated. Many campuses have set up vaccination sites or established partnerships with medical organizations to make the process easier for students. While it’s great to offer walk-ins, it’s ideal to have an appointment system in place. Appointments help busy students find the time in their schedules to get their shots. Appointment systems also give your health experts a better idea of volume and flow, so they can prepare staff, account for supplies, and better meet the needs of the students who need vaccines. 

These appointment systems could even benefit your communications staff, who likely work around the clock to relay the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations and frequent testing to students who opt not to get the vaccine. By knowing how many students sign up for and keep their appointments, the communications team can gauge the success of their current public health campaigns and develop more effective messaging to bring students to the vaccine and testing resources on campus. 

OnTask makes implementing these appointment systems that much easier. Our tool offers a reusable workflow that enables students to schedule their appointments on any device. In turn, your team is able to send out both links to the scheduler, as well as periodic reminders via email. Students and faculty get busier as the semester goes on, so an alert notification system goes a long way in keeping their public health appointments top of mind. 


#2: Collect Proof of Vaccine

Since the FDA fully approved the Pfizer vaccine, more universities are requiring COVID-19 immunizations. The measures are designed to reduce spread, but they also increase paperwork for staff and administrators. 

That’s why OnTask automates the process for you.

OnTask can help you build reminders for the first and second round of doses, so your campus can stay in compliance with university guidelines. Our software also makes it easy for everyone to upload their CDC cards from any device, so you have secure, digitized records—all in one place. You can even customize how to account for exemptions, like medical or religious documentation, depending on your school’s unique policies.


#3: Account for Exemptions

Campus policies are rarely one-size-fits-all. Whether students have religious or medical exemptions to vaccination, weekly testing, or even masking requirements, it’s critical that you have an easier, organized way to account for this otherwise complicated process. 

OnTask offers true customization based on your institution’s policies and specific department needs. With our tool, you can collect staff and faculty exemptions that go directly to HR’s records, while student exemptions can route to Student Disability Services. Our platform gives you the easiest way to connect the right people with the right information at the right time. 


Onboarding is Fast and Easy. 

Campus policies continue to change rapidly as colleges aim to get ahead of the virus. Many administrators are having to implement new protocols in the blink of an eye, all with little time and few on-hand resources to power the process.

We know how tough that is. That’s why we’ve made onboarding quick and simple. You can be up and running with OnTask in just 24 hours, no coding required. Our team is also here to help you customize your workflow to match your institution’s specific needs. 

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