Offer Letters: Streamlining the Hiring Process with Workflow Automation

Today’s job market is a highly competitive battleground for talent. Some job candidates are recruited away from their existing employer, while others successfully navigate their way through online applicant tracking system algorithms. 

Highly talented top-tier candidates often interview with multiple prospective employers simultaneously. After multiple phone, online, and in-person interviews, most candidates are eager to get an engaging offer letter land their next role and move to the next phase of their career journey. 

Hesitation and Risk

Businesses that dither and delay the hiring of a skilled candidate may find their offer letter rejected, and skilled workers joining their competitors. 

Digital workflow automation can eliminate many of the inefficiencies from the final leg of the race to hire the talent they need to meet their goals like:

  • Getting digital and physical products to market
  • Hitting revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention goals
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Motivating and leading teams 
  • Maintaining a positive, productive work environment

In a world where websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and others empower candidates to review the interview process, businesses need all the help they can get to create a 5-star hiring process. They must make candidates feel wanted, appreciated, and valued when it’s time for the rubber to hit the road on the hiring process. 

Digital Workflow Automation Accelerates the Offer Letter Process

A hiring manager and his or her colleagues make a decision to formalize their intentions with a candidate. A business process automation tool can transform what was once a complex administrative process into a simplistic, automated workflow. 

Instead of using multiple applications to create the offer, send via email, wait to hear back, and print and file the signature, OnTask can help HR professionals streamline the entire process. Digital workflows can be engineered to enable users to initiate offer letters from within their HR app on their desktop or mobile device of choice. 

With an automated solution, you can establish offer letter standards without removing the humanity or personalized feel of the correspondence, leverage role-specific templates, and gather data from multiple systems and stakeholders to ensure the offer is accurate and complies with company policies and industry regulations. 

In addition, you can get offer letters to candidates quickly, and in a way which empowers them to accept the offer just as fast. Accelerate the issuance of hiring document packages through routing and tracking mechanisms in OnTask. Plus, with its simplicity, you can gain the necessary acknowledgements and electronic signatures you need. 

Creating and sending offer letters to potential employees the “old fashioned manual way” is prone to errors, bottlenecks, and missed opportunity, but there is a better way. 

Good Intentions and Promises < An Offer Letter in Hand

Have you ever been on the candidate “side of the desk” through multiple interviews, thank you emails, follow up phone calls, and sleepless nights wondering if an offer would come from a company you admired? Have you ever had repeated verbal promises of an offer from one company, but a formal written offer comes in from another? 

Ensure your organization’s future employment candidates can make a decision on whether to join your team based on its merits, not simply on which offer letter they get first. It’s often said that employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Ensure candidates know you feel that way by eliminating the hurdles and complexity from the offer letter process. Extend your HR applications with automated workflows. 

To prepare to win the race for talent, test drive up with a free 14-day trial. Discover the difference digital transformation makes to your recruiting efforts.