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OnTask Receives HIPAA Certification and SOC-2 Examination

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure from the US DHHS and other regulatory agencies. Pressure to ensure their data, forms, documents, and workflow processes meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. 

Our customers, partners, and prospects are our number one priority. We’ve taken time to listen to our community, and realized that there is an opportunity for OnTask to expand its reach into the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations have a variety of forms and documents to process throughout the day. While robust solutions are available for a high-dollar price tag, some organizations need a lightweight, cost-effective way to automate their processes.

Document & Form Data Compliance

At OnTask, we recognize the need for a reliable, secure way to protect data in documents and forms. OnTask considered the feedback from our partners, customers, and other stakeholders, and partnered with Tampa-based A-LIGN to obtain HIPAA compliance and a SOC-2 examination. A-LIGN has completed hundreds of penetration tests and vulnerability assessments for customers in the United States and overseas. 

OnTask, powered by Accusoft, discovered A-LIGN through Accusoft’s involvement with the Tampa Bay Software CEOs group. Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft, and Scott Price, CEO of A-LIGN join a group of other software CEOs every quarter to discuss community philanthropy initiatives and exchange business insight and ideas.

“As part of the technology sector in Tampa Bay, Accusoft looks for any opportunity to support other tech companies in the community,” says Jack Berlin. “TBSC brings us together to collaborate, and that alliance helps us all innovate and succeed together.”

New Automation Opportunities for Healthcare

OnTask obtained HIPAA compliance and received a SOC-2 examination in May of 2020. Now, the team is ready to take on new clients in healthcare. Prospects have expressed interest in using OnTask to release COVID-19 liability waivers and digital health screening forms in bulk. One of our current clients, a non-profit soccer league, streamlined the COVID-19 liability waiver process for over 1,000 soccer players in the period of a week.

“OnTask is all about collaboration and process automation. We had customers coming to us in the healthcare industry, looking for HIPAA compliant software to abide by their security requirements,” said Steve Wilson, President of OnTask. “We saw an opportunity for our product to expand its reach and provide the required security our medical community needs to begin process automation.”

Is your organization in need of a HIPAA compliant solution for automation? Discover what OnTask can do for you today. Try our demo to get started