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OnTask’s New SharePoint Integration: Connecting Teams

We all know that the foundation of a successful work environment is a collaborative team. OnTask’s new integration with SharePoint helps foster better employee connectivity at your workplace, by giving you the ability to collect documents and send them straight to your specified site in SharePoint—without spending time hunting down documents and uploading them to the proper place. Let’s dig a little deeper into information on this new integration.


What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is team collaboration software by Microsoft which allows employees to create formatted sites, and share information on the web with team members. SharePoint also allows for document upload and storage via the cloud, to give employees a way to share important documents across the organization. This software is often used to share information on collaborative projects and for tasks like document editing and redlining.


All You Can Do with the New Integration

OnTask can be used to collect responses and eSignatures on documents, combine documents, and more. As part of your OnTask workflow, you can now add in a step to export these collected documents to SharePoint and cut out time spent finding and uploading the right assets. 

This new integration eliminates the extra step of hunting down documents from completed OnTask workflows and uploading them. This integration allows you to export:

  • Documents completed in a fill & sign task
  • Templated documents from a generate document task
  • Combined documents


How it Works

Any document uploaded or signed and completed in OnTask can be exported to SharePoint. This is a simple integration that can be added in just a few simple steps. 

  1. Create your workflow
  2. Add a document upload step
  3. Add an export task
  4. Configure the export task
  5. Click into the export task and select SharePoint as your destination
  6. You will be prompted to enter your Microsoft credentials
  7. Back in OnTask, select the site you’d like your document exported to in SharePoint

After you’ve connected your SharePoint account once, you’ll be able to automatically select your destination within SharePoint the next time you build a workflow. 

For more in-depth instructions on connecting your account, visit our SharePoint integration help center article.


Final Thoughts

At OnTask, we’re in the pursuit of finding ways to make your work-life easier. OnTask and SharePoint can be used together to collect and edit documents without missing any steps in between.

Keep your eyes peeled, because more great integrations will be coming soon. If you have any questions about this integration or need help getting set up, contact us and one of our customer support specialists will be happy to help.